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Your Ultimate EDC Checklist From A Vegas Local

Electric Daisy Carnival, also known as EDC, is this weekend, which means Las Vegas is about to transform into a raver's paradise. EDC is an experience to say the least. Being under the "electric sky" is a feeling that many of us can't fully describe. What started off as a small warehouse party in 1997 Los Angeles has grown into an empire and behemoth when it comes to dance music festivals. Now, EDC is a brand in itself and has become one of the most well-recognized music festivals. Thousands of people will flock to Las Vegas this weekend, excited to spend a few nights dancing, listening to the pulsating music to accompany the visual aspects of the festival. This festival is one of the largest in North America with other cities and countries also hosting EDC. However, we're bias and will fully admit that Vegas is the best EDC. This multi-day festival pushes "the boundaries of imagination, and setting standards in the live entertainment industry. By incorporating carnival themes and attractions." This festival is more than just a music festival. But, it gives attendees a multi-sensory experience that leaves jaws dropped and creates forever memories. The foundation of the festival is built on unity, love and expression. The philosophy of the festival is "All Are Welcome Here." In an interview with KTNV, Pasquale Rotella -- CEO and founder of the festival's organization Insomniac Events -- said that five out of the 14 stages are brand new. One of the most exciting stages is called "Kinetic Fields" and this year's theme is focused around "kinetic awakening." The company Insomniac is also celebrating its 30 year anniversary, making this year a full celebration. Now, we're painting this rosy colored picture of EDC. But let us say that spending a weekend at EDC isn't for the weak. For many, attending this festival takes months of preparation when it comes to outfits, transportation, travel and even mental stability. To help you navigate EDC, we have compiled a must-read list of things you should pack, prepare and plan for. If you're going to EDC, be safe and have a great time.

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