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Massachusetts Man Busted With Crack And Rocket Launcher

Police were alerted to a suspicious vehicle at a Red Roof Inn in Massachusetts that contained two shocking items: crack cocaine and a rocket launcher, according to CBS News. I Got What You Need In My Car It's not certain why this car had both crack cocaine and a rocket launcher in it. But one thing is certain: Both of these items do not end well when combined. Local police were called to a parking lot at the Red Roof Inn in Massachusetts about a week ago, CBS reported. The detective, Alex Sinni, decided to investigate the car after conducting surveillance, the police department said on their Facebook page. The police approached the car and talked to the driver. When doing so, they found drugs in the car. This prompted them to do a full search. The police found crack cocaine. Upon further search, not only did they find drug paraphernalia, they found a rocket launcher in his car. "As Det. Sinni continued on with his investigation of this male, he also located an M190 U.S. Army Rocket Launcher in Mr. Johnson's vehicle. Mmmmhmmm, you read that correctly....a ROCKET LAUNCHER!" the police department said. First off, where does one buy a rocket launcher to casually keep in their car? Also, what was the plan for the launcher? What Do We Do With This? When the police took possession of the drugs, they knew exactly what to do. When it came to taking possession of the rocker launcher, they had no idea what to do. They needed to do some research to know exactly how to handle it. The rocket launcher was eventually turned over to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The man, Harvey Johnson, was charged with possession of crack cocaine and, of course, possession of a rocket launcher. What would you do if you came across a rocket launcher? We have more on this story in today's edition of the Other News!

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