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Morty’s Dog Squish Predicts Who Will Win Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII will happen this weekend in Glendale, Arizona! It will be the Kansas City Chiefs vs. The Philadelphia Eagles! Every year, we predict who will win with my English Bulldog, Squish! How does he decide? We place his favorite treat/snack in a bowls, assigned to each team. Each bowl is filled with exactly Ten French Fries and a half of a Cheeseburger! Both are Squish' favorite treat! Squish is 2-0 and is going for 3-0! There's conspiracy theories that the NFL is rigged and the Super Bowl is already predicted. The Philadelphia Eagles will be victorious, but other's say differently! There's not tricks here! Which ever bowl is emptied first is the winner! The bowls are placed respectively in front of the teams helmets! Squish is a six year-old pure bread English Bulldog who enjoys being lazy, snacking, and watching TV! Does he watch football, yes he does! He is a Steelers fan because his dad is a huge Steelers fan, so this decision is not biased by any means. So who did Squish choose? Check out the video below! Link Up With Us On Social Media & Sign Up For Our Newsletter  [ss-signup design_id="2012286"]   Facebook:   Twitter:   Instagram:   MORTY:  

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