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The Smith Center is home to many professional-quality theater and music performances in Las Vegas. In addition, they also offer a variety of programs for teachers and students in the Clark County School District. These programs serve to enrich the lives of their participants with engagement through the arts.

Student Matinee Performances

The Smith Center invites students and teachers from CCSD schools to attend matinee performances. The performances are specifically designed for younger audiences. As well as adapted from acclaimed literature. This provides the students with an experience that is both educational and inspiring.

Professional Development

Through this program, The Smith Center offers creative strategies for CCSD teachers to integrate the arts in the classroom. And teachers can learn through after school workshops and summer events.

Disney Musicals In Schools 

Offered to a limited number of public elementary schools in Clark County. This free program offers performance rights and show kits for a 30-minute version of popular Disney musicals. These musicals are written specifically for elementary school performers. Teachers receive training to execute each musical. The goal of this program is to keep the tradition of musical theater in schools.

Nevada High School Musical Theater Awards

A regional program of the national Jimmy Awards in New York City. The NHSMTA recognizes high school students in Clark County. The program encourages achievement in musical theater. It also celebrates students participating in roles on and off the stage. The program fosters the next generation of musical theater performers, set, costume and lighting designers, stage managers, directors, and theater technical crews.

Our guest this week on Talking Solutions was Rebecca Boyd, Senior Program Manager. Rebecca works in the Education and Outreach department of The Smith Center. She spoke with Wendy in more detail about the programs offered. Additionally, Rebecca gave information about Camp Broadway, which is returning this summer.

Original Air Date: January 22, 2023