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Dad Rock Music Means Nickelback And Bon Jovi

It’s Father’s Day weekend – that means you have to listen to Dad Rock.

Is Your Favorite Music Now Considered Dad Rock?

When I say “Dad Rock” what bands come to mind? My 30 year old nieces and nephews would say Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Tom Petty. But what about Pearl Jam? Nirvana?  Bon Jovi? Yep – Dad Rock!

Maybe it’s time to look at “Dad Rock,” and how far back it can actually go.

Ok, But Whose Dad Are We Talking About?

Some punk kid (you actually have to say that once you’re at least 10 years older than someone who says something you don’t like) made a video a while back, claiming that bands like Linkin Park, Matchbox 20, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Fall Out Boy are now DAD ROCK.

What? According to the Urban Dictionary, Dad Rock is basically just that: Rock music your dad listened to when he was young. According to that definition, that can span several decades, depending on how old your dad is.

But seriously – My Chemical Romance and Red Hot Chili Peppers?? 

Where Does Dad Rock Music Begin And Oldies End

In the 80’s when you listened to oldies, it was 60’s and 70’s songs. For 90’s kids, oldies were 70’s and 80’s. So by that loose scientific research, the determination is that music that is 20 to 30 years old, is now considered an “oldie.” Yikes!

Now if you’re 20, 25, 30 years old, your oldies are going to be relatively new. But the sad fact is, by all of this new math – everything will soon be dad rock music.

So dads, go ahead and pop in that Red Hot Chili Peppers CD – or Cassette – and get that dad bod rockin’! And know that your music IS, and always WILL BE, cool!

By the way, interesting, and possibly even ironic:  The kid who made the video is wearing a Metallica shirt.

Now I have to wonder – is there also “Mom Rock”?

Here are some of the bands that are considered to be the top “Dad Rock” bands. Brace yourself dads!

  • 1. Nickelback

    Nickelback is the “bro band” of Dad rock.” They claimed the top “dad band” spot on Loudwire’s top 10 Dad Rock bands. Nickelback has become a meme, and are made fun of to no end. People love to hate them.But deep down, I think people truly love Nickelback. And nobody can tell me that “How You Remind Me” wasn’t a bop!  

    Dad Rock Music Is Hot: That Means Nickelback And Bon Jovi

  • 2. Van Halen

    Van Halen, to many, will be one of the ultimate, and definitive rock bands of the era, because of Eddie Van Halen, and David Lee Roth. Whether you like the DLR of Sammy version of the band better, it doesn’t matter. DLR and EVH defined the sound of Van Halen – you really can’t argue that. Now put on your spandex, dad – but maybe go up a size.

    Dad Rock Music Is Hot: That Means Nickelback And Bon Jovi

  • 3. Blink-182

    Blink-182 is still one of the coolets, and fun bads ever. Pop punk at its finest. Raw and loud vocals, and it just seemed like they were always having fun, which made you feel the same way! 

    Dad Rock Music Is Hot: That Means Nickelback And Bon Jovi



  • 4. Limp Bizkit

    Limp Bizkit’s sound was something different, at the time. It definitely wasn’t mainstream. But LB was definitely he beginning of the whole era of rap metal/rock – which we went on to see a lot of. Their live shows were powerful, and they were everywhere, for a while.

    Dad Rock Music Is Hot: That Means Nickelback And Bon Jovi


  • 5. Bon Jovi

    Nooooo! You never thought Jon Bon Jovi, with that beautiful flowing hair, would be labeled DAD ROCK! He worked that stage like a true rocker – and still did, the last time I saw him. His documentary “Thank You. Goodnight” is great. It really give you a good look at the work he put in to start the band, and make it the huge success it was – is.

    Dad Rock Music Is Hot: That Means Nickelback And Bon Jovi


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