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Own A Piece Of History: Mirage Hotel Room Furniture For Sale

You can own a piece of Las Vegas history. The Mirage Hotel furniture liquidation is set for this summer. Purchase furniture from one or more of the legendary Las Vegas Strip hotel’s 3,028 rooms and luxury suites. Own A Piece Of Las Vegas History: Mirage Hotel Furniture Liquidation Are you a Las Vegas history buff? Or maybe you own a rental property that you’d like to furnish with pieces from the Mirage Hotel furniture liquidation. I’m sure people who own small hotels and motels are going to be interested in this sale. Heck, you may even want to display some of these pieces in your own home. According to an article by Martha Cruz on, the legendary Mirage Hotel and Casino is set to close on July 17th. And once all of that furniture is sold, construction will begin on the brand-new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. That new resort, featuring a giant, guitar-shaped hotel building, is set to open in the spring of 2027. What You Need To Know About The Mirage Hotel Furniture Liquidation In the meantime, interested parties should know that August 1st, 2024, is the date set for the Mirage Hotel furniture liquidation sale. This sale will be handled by Proximity Capital. Furniture from over 3,000 hotel rooms and luxury suites will be up for grabs on a first-come, first-served basis. Cruz’s article goes on to report that the Proximity Capital website notes that orders for hotel room and luxury suite furniture “can be placed at anytime before the start of the liquidation sale.” In fact, there is financing available for over 100 of the Mirage Hotel room packages. And check this out; luxury room package prices start at $1,000 dollars. That’s really not a very steep price for an entire room of Las Vegas history. In addition, the post also notes you can get special financing if you own a hotel or Airbnb home. All you have to do is put 25% down to get that financial assistance during the Mirage Hotel furniture liquidation. Now, feel free to scroll down for more content which may interest you.

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