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The Las Vegas EDC Lost & Found Is Full Of Stuff People Left Behind

It happens every year in Las Vegas. The Electric Daisy Carnival. Otherwise known as EDC. It's the largest electronic dance music festival in North America, according to Wikipedia. Every May hundreds of thousands of people flock to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to get in on the EDC action. And they fill the entire speedway with what truly is a full-blown music carnival. The event includes 22 carnival rides and ferris wheels, and eight stages of music with more than 200 DJs and performers. More than 5000 people are typically on staff and over 300,000 people in attendance. EDC is the signature event of Insomniac Events. The first one occurred in Los Angeles in 1997. More than 100,00 people attend EDC on each of its three nights. Tickets sold are for the entire weekend as opposed to individual days. Though often participants will find people reselling their tickets after the second night for a heavy discount. This year in Las Vegas three-day tickets were $389 or more for general admission, depending on the ticket seller. GA+ tickets went for $599. And the VIP tickets for the weekend set individuals back $1000 each. And that's just for admission. Then you have to factor in parking, or shuttle fare. And out of towners who didn't have a hotel room had to pay for camping. There's definitely some budgeting that needs to happen for anyone planning to attend the festival. But what people don't plan for is replacing their expensive belongings when they are inevitably lost. Drug use and alcohol intoxication is very normal at EDC. Three days straight of that, plus dehydration and concert exhaustion, and it's not hard to lose track of where you put things. Every year the EDC administration encourages people to pre-register their belongings so they can claim them after the festival if lost. Unfortunately, not everyone heeds that warning. Here's the pile of stuff in the EDC Lost & Found that people left behind this year(from 8newsnow.com). Any guesses as to which people lost the most of? You might be surprised. - Wendy Rush

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