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Spring Break 2024: Where People Are Going To Party

Sin City is always a destination location when it comes to partying. And Spring Break 2024 in Las Vegas is sure to bring its share of visitors. Though not as many as we've seen in years past. Vegas Isn't The Top Destination For Spring Break 2024 According to the websites for both UNLV and CSN, Las Vegas college kids will be on Spring Break beginning March 11, 2024. But that doesn't mean we won't see some drunken students on the Strip before that. Many universities across the country are taking their Spring Break between February 24th and March 2nd. So Southern Nevada is expecting an influx of young adults this week. It won't be as many college kids as some other cities, though. The folks over at recently released data that revealed the top cities people were looking to travel to for this year's Spring Break. And Las Vegas isn't the most popular location this time. At least not for most of the country. Where People Are Traveling To This Year For Spring Break When it comes to the country as a whole, Las Vegas actually came in third on the list of this year's most popular destinations. This is according to how many travel-related searches were conducted for each city. For travel between February and May this year, Las Vegas received 497,400 searches. The Punta Cana resorts in the Dominican Republic came in second, with 528,480 searches across the U.S. They're drawing college kids who are looking for beaches, pools and the all-inclusive resort experience. Coming in first for Spring Break this year was New Orleans, Louisiana. Which received a massive 931,680 searches. A nd with the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and Jackson Square, there are a lot of reasons why. But while the country as a whole isn't making Las Vegas their number one Spring Break destination, much of the western part of the U.S. is. The searches for Las Vegas did rank at number one in Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon. Sin City also came in second in 12 other states, according to the data released by So Southern Nevada will still see a fair share of tourists partying this week. It just will mostly be from our neighboring states. Other cities that will see some action this Spring Break are Maui and Cabo San Lucas, which were the fourth and fifth most-searched cities in the data, respectively.

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