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Nevada’s Top 5 Choices For Creating That Perfect Smile

If you’re looking for that perfect smile, what is the best method to straighten teeth? Many Nevadans are searching online for that answer. Let’s take a look at the five most popular choices. Metal Braces Are No Longer The Most Popular Method To Straighten Teeth When I started losing my baby teeth, many of my new teeth came in very crooked. I had a bit of a snaggle-tooth smile. So, my Mom took a secretarial job to pay for me to get metal braces. I wore those painful things from the age of nine until I was 14. Five of the longest years of my life. But the results were good, and I was able to be proud of my smile during those formative teen and young adult years. Thanks Mom! According to a recent study provided by Celebrate Dental And Braces, those painful metal braces which I had growing up are certainly not popular anymore. In fact, metal braces do not appear in the top five choices for most online searches in Nevada. Nevada’s Top 5 Searches For Best Method To Straighten Teeth Whether you’re looking for that perfect smile for yourself or a loved one, then you’ve probably checked out the Invisalign treatment. By far, this is the most popular online search in Nevada. According to the study by Celebrate Dental and Braces, Silver Staters averaged 6,863 online searches per 100,000 residents for Invisalign between May 2023 and April 2024. The second most popular method to straighten teeth in this study is for veneers. This process “involves shaving down part of the enamel around each tooth and then placing a putty mold around what’s left of the tooth, creating a perfect smile.” Searches for veneers came in a close second in this study, averaging 5,614 per 100,000 residents in Nevada in that 12-month period. After that there’s a big drop off. Ceramic braces were the third most popular online search for the best method to straighten teeth with an average of 223 online searches. Clear aligners were fourth in this survey with an average of 210 online searches per 100,000 Nevadans. In fifth place, it was lingual braces, average 188 online searches. No matter which method you choose, straightening your teeth will not only improve your smile, it will also boost your self-confidence. Of course, you should check with your dentist before beginning any type of treatment. Now, feel free to scroll down for more content which may interest you.

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