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Is your spouse always right? Even if he or she is actually wrong?

If you have ever been in a long-term relationship, it seems that one person is always right, and the other is always wrong. But, that is only if you really want to stay in that relationship. The major question in the relationship becomes: do I want to be right and win the argument, or do I just want to be happy?

Once you can answer that question, you know how to handle arguments and disagreements in your relationship. It might be a soul-crushing experience to always be wrong, but sometimes it is the only way to stay happy in the relationship. Which one are you? The one who is always right, or the one who just wants to be happy and stay in the relationship or marriage?

I love comedy. I really admire the talent of great stand-up comics. I think what they do is incredible. On the radio, I do what I do in a closed-door studio. I never see the audience. Stand-up comedians have to make people laugh while they are looking them right in the eye. It’s do or die. It takes guts, and great comedic chops.

So, I thought I would share some great stand-up comedy with you every Monday. Why? Because it’s Monday! Everyone could use a good laugh on Monday. So, here we go with our next installment.

Comedian Don McMillan, a former computer programmer, has found a scientific explanation which determines why his wife is always right, even when she’s wrong. Funny stuff. Enjoy!



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7 Most Common Food Related Arguments

They say that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.  Which doesn’t work anatomically . . . but it looks good in a meme.

And if that’s the case, maybe we shouldn’t spend so much time arguing about food.

In a new poll, 45% of couples say they argue about…. (Find out below) And that’s probably conservative.

The Mike & Carla Morning Show talked about this, the effect wine might have on Covid, “wordle” and much, much more in this edition of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know!”

Here are the rest of the 7 Most Common Arguments couples have about food are:

  • 7. Who Should Cook Dinner?

    … 10%

  • 6. What The Grocery Budget Should Be?

    … 20%

  • 5. What Groceries To Buy?

    … 37%

  • 4. What To Cook For Dinner?

    … 35%

  • 3. One Of Us Followed A Recipe Incorrectly

    … 42%

  • 2.  My Partner Doesn't Cook As Often As I'd Like Them To

    … 42%

  • 1. Where To Go Out To Eat 

    … 45%