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Football and baseball! Two of our nation’s favorite pastimes. And during the month of September, we get to enjoy the start of the college and professional football seasons while the baseball pennant races are heating up. Hope springs eternal for your favorite team when a new football season begins. And, if the baseball team you root for is in first or second place in their division, or in the hunt for a wild card spot in the playoffs, you live and die with every pitch.

I love both sports. And, I love comedy. I really admire the talent of great stand-up comics. I think what they do is incredible. On the radio, I do what I do in a closed-door studio. I never see the audience. Stand-up comedians have to make people laugh while they are looking at them right in the eye. It’s do or die. It takes guts, and great comedic chops.

So, I thought I’d share some great stand-up comedy with you every Monday. Why? Because it’s Monday! Everyone could use a good laugh on Monday. So, here we go with our next installment, and it is very timely.

Legendary comedian George Carlin performed this segment on the differences between football and baseball many times. In fact, he performed it on the very first episode of Saturday Night Live! I don’t think anyone has pinpointed the contrasts between two of America’s favorite pastimes any better. Enjoy!



Here’s hoping your favorite football team goes all the way to the Super Bowl and the baseball team you root for plays in the World Series!


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