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It’s just a fact of life – we are all getting older. And there are certain things that happen, or certain things you notice, which bring that realization home to you. What is/was it for you? Getting reading glasses? Giving up sporting activities? Not staying up as late as you used to? The music is too loud? You can’t eat spicy food as much as you used to? A touch of gray in your hair? Receding hairline? Hair growing in places you never had hair before? Calling every object “whatchamacallit”? Maybe a combination of factors or all of the above. Well, it happens to all of us, and that’s the main topic in today’s comedy segment.

I love comedy. I really admire the talent of great stand-up comics. I think what they do is incredible. On the radio, I do what I do in a closed-door studio. I never see the audience. Stand-up comedians have to make people laugh while they are looking them right in the eye. It’s do or die. It takes guts, and great comedic chops.

So, I thought I would share some great stand-up comedy with you every Monday. Why? Because it’s Monday! Everyone could use a good laugh on Monday. So, here we go with our next installment.

Comedian Ty Barnett has some very funny personal observations on how he knows he’s starting to get older. Funny stuff! After that, he tells the story about flying to Montana for a recent comedy show, how “spooky accurate” the waze app is, and a whole lot more!



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