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Clark County School District students and teachers will be heading back to school on Monday August 8th. There was always a little bit of excitement and a little bit of fear involved in heading back to school. Will you have any friends in your new class or classes? Will you like your teacher or teachers?

There was always a little excitement about wearing some new clothes or sneakers the first week of school.  That is, of course, unless it was the “outfit” your Mom made you wear. Then you would be in for an entire day of ridicule.

And what about the upper classmen or the bullies in your school. Before there was “cyber-bullying,” we had to deal with the older kids in school or the big bully in your class who loved to steal your lunch money, knock the books out of your hand, and generally make life miserable for you. That was certainly something we did not look forward to in a new school year.

Let’s relieve some of that fear and trepidation with some “Laugh Factory” comedy.

I love comedy. I really admire the talent of great stand-up comics.  I think what they do is incredible.  On the radio, I do what I do in a closed-door studio.  I never see the audience.  Stand-up comedians have to make people laugh while they are looking at them right in the eye.  It’s do or die.  It takes guts, and great comedic chops.

So, I thought I’d share some great stand-up comedy with you every Monday.  Why?  Because it’s Monday!!  Everyone could use a good laugh on Monday.  So, here we go with our next installment.  ( WARNING: Some of these comedians use foul language.)



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