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Las Vegas Construction Trade High School Welcoming Students This Week

There is a unique new high school opening this year in Las Vegas. The Southern Nevada Trades High School opens its door on August 7. And they're putting last minute touches on the school this week. It will be the first of its kind in Las Vegas. One that focuses solely on teaching students skills for work in the construction industry. The Southern Nevada Trades High School Principal, Candi Wadsworth, is excited about the upcoming school year. In an interview with Fox5Vegas, Wadsworth said the construction industry offers a lot of great ways to make a living. Noting that plumbers, electricians and construction workers all make great salaries. A different approach to schooling. Wadsworth also notes that there is boredom among many kids in our traditional schools in Clark County. She believes giving them a hands-on approach to learning offers students a better way to get through school than sitting in rows taking notes. In addition to schooling, the Southern Nevada Trades High School is helping graduates find jobs. They're doing this by partnering with locals leaders in the construction industry to get students jobs after graduation. Trades taught will include HVAC, electricity, masonry, and cabinetry. But the students of the new high school don't get out of taking required classes like math and English. They'll just be building stuff between those courses. This year's curriculum will start with students participating in building a tiny house. Both the school campus and the classes are small. Staff members hope this will build a sense of family with the students. A construction-focused high school couldn't come at a better time in Las Vegas. Our growth rate is at an unprecedented high. This new school will give our local graduates a head start in securing future jobs in the construction industry. - Wendy Rush, 96.3 KKLZ [select-listicle listicle_id="473069" syndication_name="things-we-all-should-have-learned-in-high-school" description="yes"] Follow us! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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