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How would you feel if one of your favorite restaurants told you that you are no longer allowed to bring your cell phone in while you dine? Well, The Mike & Carla Morning Show found a place that actually put that rule into effect! It’s a new high-end Italian restaurant in Texas has a rule that diners are not allowed to have their cell phones with them at anytime while dining!

M&C have audio of the owner. Tim Love, actually saying why they decided to do it…and after talking to a lot of morning show listeners, M&C found out that a lot of us wouldn’t mind if a few restaurants would do it here in Las Vegas!

Not sure if there are any places in Las Vegas that have this rule, but listen to what some people said about it and see if your wouldn’t agree! Bon Appetit!

Ranked: 15 Best Barbeque Spots In Las Vegas

Grab your bibs and wet naps because it’s about to get a little messy. When out of towners think of Las Vegas they think of gambling, entertaining shows and hot weather but what they’re forgetting is all of the great eats the city has to offer.

Vegas has been expanding it’s culinary landscape for the past decade by bringing in more restaurants, upping it’s recipe game and importing some of the best chefs in the world. Barbeque restaurants are staple in any city but do the plates in Vegas taste like home? We’re glad you asked.

From saucy ribs, smoked brisket, pulled pork, roasted creamed corn and sweet coleslaw are just a few decadents the Vegas BBQ lifestyle has to offer. If this town does anything, it’s not skipping out on their delicious meats and sides.

So who truly has the best barbeque eats in town? Well, there’s a lot that goes into discovering the very best. Three things were looked when gathering this data: Price point, hours of operation and Google reviews based on a five-star rating. One star equals not the best and five stars means the restaurant is amazing. We added dollar signs to showcase if the restaurant is cheaper or expensive. The more dollar signs, the more expensive the restaurant. We added the hours of operation to show who stays open more days of the weeks and who stays open late.

It’s nice to know who stays open for all of those late night barbeque cravings. Yes, we’re just as guilty.

With sauces and rubs passed down through family recipes to going home full, our digital department scoured the internet to find the best barbeque restaurants in and around the Las Vegas valley. And yes, Henderson is just as much a player in the bbq games than one might presume. We hope you enjoy the list, and if you agree, let us know on social media.