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10 Skills technology took away from us

Before the 90’s came along, we had some skills. We knew how to do things. We had some natural talents

We lost a lot of skills to technology. Before the ’90s and the advancement of technology, people had a unique, and natural, and cool set of skills to help them get through the day. Like remembering phone numbers.

We Lost our Skills To Technology – What 90’s Skills Do You Still Have

Used to be that we knew all our family and friends phone numbers. How many phone numbers do you actually remember now? It really was quite the skill to remember phone numbers. Why should you now?

Your contacts are in your phone now. Until your phone dies, or you lose your phone. Or maybe you’re in jail, and you only get that one phone call, but they confiscated your phone – now what?? Technology fails us quite often, yet we still rely on our phone to remember phone numbers.

A while back, I had a conversation with a friend about those trivial skills those of us had, who were before 1990. And a fun Reddit thread got into it. What trivial skills do you possess, that no one uses anymore? The 90’s weren’t that long ago, but when it comes to technology – that’s a very long time.

Back in the 90’s a lot of people used to actually develop and processing their own film. Yes – develop their own pictures from a roll of film. That was in a camera. Many would also enlarge those pictures, in a darkroom. Whaaaat? Film? Camera? DARKROOM??

Technology Took Away The Dewey Decimal System.

Ahh, yes, the Dewey Decimal System at the library. We all used it if we wanted to find a book. I’m sure many of you are saying “Dewey Decimal? Is that fractions? Or wait – that’s Donald Duck’s kid, right?”

We also gained some skills. 30 years ago, it would’ve been a LOT harder to arrange for a stranger to pick you up in their Toyota Prius, and give you a ride home from the bar.  Now, we can do that within a few minutes, without even talking to anyone. I’m sure some would call it a “skill.”

Now let’s go back in time. Here are 10 skills we lost to technology.

  • Curly Telephone Cords

    Sitting on the phone with the long cord – closed in the laundry room, so we could have privacy – was the best. And after that , we were all fully capable of unknotting the curly telephone wire, and getting all the curls facing the right way, and behaving themselves.

    Before the 90's we knew stuff. Tangled phone cord


  • Fixing The TV

    Remember when you could fix your TV’s reception with one smack to the top of it, a la Fonzie? Heck – remember when you could actually fix (repair) a TV? Now if it breaks you might as well just buy a new one, because they are basically disposable.

    Before the 90's we knew stuff. Fixing TV


  • Counting Change

    The ability to make and count out change for a purchase didn’t take an economics degree! “Hi cashier – it’s $9.91, I gave you $10.01, not a live alligator! GIVE ME A DIME BACK!” 

    Before the 90's we knew stuff. Counting change


  • Clutch Starting A Car

    Wait, what? Yes – we could actually start a car with manual transmission by rolling down a hill, with the car in gear, then pop the clutch and start it! (Cars weren’t so reliable back in the day…)

    Before the 90's we knew stuff. Gas, brake and clutch


  • Paper Fortune Tellers

    Do you remember those? Making paper fortune tellers were a must – especially if you had a bestie, or liked a boy or girl .It would basically tell you your whole future.

    Before the 90's we knew stuff. Paper fortune teller


  • Texting With 10 Keys On A Cell Phone

    Most 90’s kids still have it all memorized and could probably pick up a flip phone and send paragraphs if needed. But anyone born well after the 90’s has no idea what it was like if you needed to shift from lower case to caps. You had to start all over. (Ask your parents)

    Before the 90's we knew stuff. Texting on early cell phones


  • Setting Up A VCR

    Ok, stop laughing – setting up a VCR to record a television program in advance was a big deal. Because if you missed a TV show you just missed it! Until rerun season.

    Before the 90's we knew stuff. VCR Player


  • Cursive Writing

    Learning to write fancy. That capital Q was the toughest to learn. Sadly, I don’t know that cursive writing will ever be a thing again.

    Before the 90's we knew how to do stuff. Cursive writing


  • Recording A Song From The Radio

    It was a TRUE SKILL! Recording a song, onto a cassette tape, from the radio. You had to do it so very masterfully, so as not to get the stupid DJ talking, or some stupid ad.

    Before the 90's we knew how to do stuff. Cassette recorder

    Before the 90’s we knew how to do stuff


  • Refolding A Paper Map

    After you stopped at the gas station to buy a fresh new map. you had to fold it back up neatly once you reached your vacation destination. If you’ve never done it, try it. Enough said.

    Before the 90's we knew how to do stuff. Roadmap in car


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