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New Las Vegas Airport: It’s Really Happening

It's been talked about for years, but a new Las Vegas airport is happening to help offset over crowding at Harry Reid International Airport. It's being reported that plans for a new facility are moving forward. The Mike & Carla Morning Show have been in Las Vegas since before talks even began on this. So, to see this materialize and get to this point is truly amazing! According to a recent report from KLAS-Channel 8, the plan for a second air field project is titled the "Southern Nevada Supplemental Airport". And after decades of talks, it has been stamped to move into an "environmental" phase of the planning. A New Airport For Las Vegas Is Happening If all goes well in this phase, completion of this second airfield for Las Vegas should be in the year 2037! Now as many of us has been asking, where might this new project land here in Southern Nevada? When it got right down to it, according to Channel 8, the search started out with 16 pieces of real estate throughout Southern Nevada. Then it got down to just two parcels of land...Ivanpah Valley and Eldorado Valley. With all considered, it was Ivanpah Valley that won out. Now, if you're wondering where Ivanpah is, well, it's just south of Las Vegas. It lays between Jean and Primm. That will be the selected site for the project. 6000 acres of land assigned to this project with 17,000 acres for "airport compatibility" according to the report. It will only have one terminal, a couple of, it will not be a huge facility by any means. But with a second field in Southern Nevada, it will take some of the high traffic away from Harry Reid. Considering over 57 million passengers traveled through Harry Reid International last year alone...and with more and more people coming to Las Vegas, it's so needed! So, with all the talk being done and the project moving forward, all we do now is seat and wait. For those of us that have been here for years, we hope we will witness something for Las Vegas that is way overdue!    

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