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And Just Like That, Pedal-Powered Rail Tours Are Back In Boulder City

Despite what you you might have read earlier, we have been informed that the pedal-powered rail tours are BACK in Boulder City! Whew. The Boulder City Chamber of Commerce informed us that another company has stepped in. American Rail Bike Adventures® has worked things out so that this novel family excursion can continue! Originally Rails Explorers USA was in business for five years and provided the chance for people to ride rail bikes across Boulder City. Rail Explorers had been in business for five years, but they shut down after the company failed to meet an agreement with the state to renew its lease, according to an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal this past February. This whole thing started with Jodi and I having the grandkids for the weekend. We were trying to think of things to do with them. Sure, the Children's Discovery Museum is a must for our three-year-old granddaughter, but what to do with the 11-year-old grandson. We thought this would be the perfect excursion on a Saturday morning. Good News: The Pedal-Powered Rail Tours Are Back! Now keep in mind that we love having them with us. We've taken them to the Las Vegas Ballpark to see the Aviators. We've also taken them up to Mt. Charleston to walk around and enjoy the scenery, and you can always have fun getting ice cream. But thinking of something new and different to do, we thought, "let's head out to Boulder City and finally check out the pedal-powered tours!" The fresh air and a little exercise sounded amazing. Plus, it's the best time of the year right? Well, hit the re-set button because after finding out the good news, game on! In fact they recently had a "soft" opening this past weekend. Next weekend though, it is on and the rail cars are back in business, according to the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce. Although rides won't officially start for another week, it's good to see this ride operating soon enough. Listen, there's just something about Boulder City. It gives you the feel that you're actually on a little vacation. Once you enter the quaint streets of Boulder City, you get a warm and fuzzy feeling. When you go to Boulder City, you're transported to small-town America. So, congrats to the new company that's keeping a great, positive and fun activity alive in Southern Nevada. And thank you to the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce for the update and we hope to see you soon in BC!

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