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Young Sheldon Finale Gives Big Bang Theory Fans A Nice Bazinga

The Young Sheldon finale brought Sheldon and Amy back for a very nice ending - and beginning. Young Sheldon Finale Wraps Up Two Great Shows Admittedly, I wasn't a huge fan of Young Sheldon when it first started. But I really grew to love it, and Iain Armitage as young Sheldon Cooper. I think this may be true for a lot of fans of The Big Bang Theory. The Young Sheldon finale brought Jim Parsons as Sheldon, and Mayim Bialik as Amy, back. Yes, after seven years, the prequel series finally saw some characters from its origin series. If you don't know by now - SPOILER ALERT - Sheldon's dad has another heart attack. He had a couple in Young Sheldon, but always came back. Sadly, this time he did not. George Cooper was one of the funniest characters on Young Sheldon. The stories they told about him on Big Bang Theory were not always nice. In Young Sheldon, George was avery devoted father. It definitely created some inconsistencies with the two shows, so I'm glad that George Cooper was beloved in the end. The first half of the one-hour Young Sheldon finale was about Sheldon and his family dealing with the grief and fallout from George's death. It was almost as if the "end" of the series happened in the last half. How Old Are Big Bang's Sheldon And Amy Now It was announced early in the final season of Young Sheldon, that Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik would be in the finale. They were, and they did not disappoint. Doing the math, it appears Sheldon and Amy are probably in their early to mid 50's now. And we find out that the reason Sheldon/Parsons has been narrating the Young Sheldon series, is because he is writing his memoir. We also find out that they no longer live in their Big Bang apartment. But - they are still good friends with the gang. And - they have two kids. Not sure how old Sheldon and Amy's kids are, but apparently Penny babysits their daughter - who wants to take acting classes. Love it! Young Sheldon Finale Fills Us In On Big Bang Characters Lives The Young Sheldon finale was not a Big Bang Theory reunion, but we did find out that everyone is good, happy, and still close. Except for Raj - who we heard nothing about. Personally, I was always a little sad that he did not wind up with a wife, or a solid relationship. But in my head, he has. Young Sheldon was far funnier, poignant, and complex than I ever imagined it would be, when it first started. It went on to be every bit as good as The Big Bang Theory, and a great follow up prequel to an amazing series. And if you didn't learn at least a little something in each episode of both series - well, that's your problem. BAZINGA!

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