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This just proves the rich get richer. 150 recording artists took home Grammy gift bags containing about $60,000 dollars in free swag last night. Incredible!

According to an article written by Nicole Lyn Pesce and posted on, certain celebrity attendees at Sunday night’s 65th Annual Grammy Awards presentation at Arena in Los Angeles, walked away with Grammy gift bags loaded down with lots of luxury goods and services. Sure, they will have to pay taxes on all of these “free” gifts, but for many of these stars, even paying 50% taxes on these items does not faze them.

Per Pesce’s article, here is a list of the amazing stuff nominated artists hauled away Sunday night, win or lose:

  • “The still-unreleased $80 MINTiD Dog-E robot dog
  • A $300 fine bubble showerhead from ReFa that creates microbubbles, which is supposed to create spa-quality mist and remove scalp buildup and skin impurities
  • A $27 heart-shaped rose gold brush, also from ReFa
  • Turbo-flex sunglasses from Aspex Eyewear that are supposed to be virtually indestructible
  • GrosséJapan luxury costume jewelry, a brand worn by artists like Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Cyndi Lauper and Little Nas X
  • A $400 robotic pool cleaner from Aiper
  • A $68 Expressio custom chocolate video box from M Cacao, aka a high-tech box of chocolates that you can personalize by uploading a video on the top of the box
  • A $118 pair of Havaianas flip-flops bedazzled with Swarovski crystals
  • A bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon from Frontera Wines, which is the official wine of this year’s Grammys
  • A $10,000 voucher for “Celebrity Arms” Arm Liposuction with Dr. Thomas Su at ArtLipo Plastic Surgery
  • A $1,000-plus Bugaboo Fox 3 stroller (which obviously doesn’t fit into the suitcase, but will be available at the lounge.) And Bugaboo will donate a stroller to a family in need through Baby2Baby for every celebrity that grabs a stroller in the lounge.”

That’s right, there actually was a Grammy gift lounge, which was curated by Lash Fary, according to the article. Why do these companies give away all of these luxury goods and services to people who can purchase them on their own? Pesce’s article notes that “the gifting suites are huge marketing opportunities for brands that hope celebrities will pick up and promote their products.”

Check out photos of some of these Grammy gift bag items below.


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  • Pool Cleaning Robot

    Chuck D in the Grammy Gift Lounge with Aiper Pool Cleaning Robot

    Rapper Chuck D poses in the Grammy gift lounge near the Aiper pool cleaning robot valued at $400.

  • Turbo-glex Eyewear

    Ice-T tries no turbo-flex eyewear

    Ice-T tried on Turbo-flex sunglasses from Aspex EyeWear. They claim their eyewear is indestructible.

  • Heart Shaped Gold Brush

    Heart Shaped gold brush from ReFa

    Samara Joy poses near display of heart-shaped gold brushes valued at $27 by ReFa.

  • Custom Chocolate Video Box

    Custom chocolate video box

    DJ Jazzy Jeff poses with the Expressio custom chocolate video box by M Cacao valued at $68.

  • Bedazzled Flip-Flops

    Havaianas bedazzled flip flops

    Here’s DJ Jazzy Jeff again, this time posing with Havaianas flip-flops bedazzed with Swarovski crystals. They go for $118 a pair.

  • Custom Jewelry

    GrosseJapan custom jewelry

    That’s Yuki Takizawa posing with the GrosséJapan luxury costume jewelry.

  • Bugaboo Stroller

    Angela Bassett posing with Bugaboo stroller

    Actress Angela Bassett posing with the Bugaboo Fox 3 baby stroller valued at a cool $1,000. That’s one lucky baby cruising around in that thing!

  • Robot Dog

    Gabrielle Moses check out the MINTiD Robot Dog

    Gabrielle Moses checks out the still-unreleased MINTiD Dog-E robot dog valued at $80. You don’t even have to clean up after it!

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