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Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. A day when couples are feeling close and connected. When new potential lovers go on that first date. And when parents splurge on a babysitter to go have some alone time. And even though it’s a weeknight this year, we can still expect some…”cuddling” to ensue come nightfall.

With all this chocolate-covered lovin’ going on, we can also expect an uptick of births happening around the world in about nine months. But how many Valentine’s Day babies can we expect here in Nevada? Betway did some analysis of birthrates in the United States to get us that answer.

Some interesting things that were found was that Utah is getting busier than any other state. They also topped Betway’s list of the most “Super Bowl Babies” and have some of the highest birth rates all year round. I think it’s safe to say that Utah people are a frisky bunch. And, since my guy is from Utah, I can confirm this statistic.

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But what about Nevada? Where do we land on the list of the most Valentine’s Day babies? A representative from Collective3 shared some interesting facts about that. Nevada ranks 25th on the list of the most Valentine’s Day babies in the United States. With nearly 3,000 babies typically being born in November.

But that’s not exactly proof that Nevada isn’t as an amorous a bunch around Valentine’s Day as other states. Statistics from Collective3 also showed a 40% increase in Las Vegas of people googling information about the Plan B pill. So maybe we’re just as frisky, only more cautious?

So with Nevada at number 25 on the list, we were curious as to what other states are out conceiving us. Here are the top 10 states for births related to Valentine’s Day. The statistics, shared by a representative of Collective3, took into account the number of births per month as well as the state’s average population.- Wendy Rush

  • 1. UTAH

    Utah Couple

    Utah’s November birthrate is 3,678. With a population of 3,339,113, that’s 1.101 babies per thousand people.

  • 2. TEXAS

    Cute young couple in hats sitting in a field of Texas Bluebonnets

    Texas is a close second with 1.083 babies per thousand people. And with their population of 29,558,864, that’s 32,022 new babies in November!


    Louisiana Couple

    Coming in third with a 4,627,098 population and 1.057 per thousand people birthrate. That’s 4,893 baby showers on the Pontchartrain this November.


    Young stylish loving couple kissing in winter park. Man and woman hugging while walking and enjoying landscape outdoors under falling snow. Valentine's day

    Even though it’s cold in North Dakota, things are heating up inside. Coming in 4th on the list (and tying with Louisiana), ND averages 1.057 babies per thousand people each November. With their population of 777,934, that’s 822 little snow babies.


    A cowboy and cowgirl horseback looking over the prairie in the Western USA.

    South Dakota will see about 934 new babies in November. With a population of 896,164, that’s 1.042 babies per thousand people.


    Young farmer couple with hats standing in wheat field at sunset

    As the sun sets in Oklahoma, about 3969 new babies will be conceived. That’s 0.994 babies per thousand people increasing their current population of 3,991,225.


    A leisurely spring day on the Buffalo River in north Arkansas.

    Arkansas can expect around 3011 babies in nine months. That’s 0.994 babies per thousand people for their current population of 3,028,122.

  • 8. KANSAS

    Man in blue shirt kissing a woman in a white shirt while standing in the middle of a beautiful Lawrence Kansas sunflower field
    Kansas has a current population of 2,937,922 and an average of 2885 babies in November. That’s 0.982 babies per thousand people.

  • 9. INDIANA

    Young couple sitting in an open field, image shows healthy life-style

    Indiana residents can expect about 6628 babies in November. That’s 0.973 babies per thousand people with their 6,813,532 population.


    Romantic moment at waterfront

    Mississippi is currently at 2,949,586 population. They come in tenth on the list at 0.967 babies per thousand people. That’s 2851 babies come November.

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