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Photo representing group chat messaging. A top-down view of friends seated around a dark brown wooden picnic table. All we see are hands and arms. Everyone is holding their smart phones in a circle in the middle of the table. All the phones are powered off.

It seems that more and more Las Vegans are part of the growing number of Americans who are feeling overwhelmed by all the group chat messaging. Correspondingly, a new study shows that many of us are becoming very annoyed with all the oversharing. Furthermore, many are muting these annoying text threads.

Does All The Group Chat Messaging Feel Like A Part-Time Job?

Certainly, the numbers prove that 83% of Americans are regularly participating in one to four group chats. As a matter of fact, the study done by shows that 100% of Gen Z’ers say they’re involved in group messaging on a regular basis. Subsequently, when you’re trying to participate in all these text threads, it can start to feel like a part-time job.

The survey numbers posted by Yevgeniy Reznik on bear out these overwhelming feelings for many of us. In fact, 42% of those in the survey state that managing all these group chats feels like a part-time job. Moreover, over half (52%) of the respondents admit to struggling to keep up with all the group messaging. In similar fashion, 66% of Americans admit to feeling overwhelmed by this mode of communication. Surprisingly, one in five feel the need to respond to every group message. That’s a lot of pressure!

Do You Share Any Of These Group Messaging Pet Peeves?

To emphasize these feelings of frustration, respondents also listed some of their group messaging pet peeves. I know I share feelings of annoyance with oversharing of emojis (29%), GIFs (32%), and Tik Tok content (39%) in group text threads.

Additionally, some of the other pet peeves on the survey list include too many notifications (68%). Secondly, too much content to keep up with (37%). Thirdly, being added to groups without consent (33%). Fourthly, messages at very early or late hours (28%).

How Do Las Vegans Prefer To Deal With These Communications?

So, how are we all dealing with this overcommunication and oversharing? According to the survey, a whopping three quarters (75%) of us admit to muting an annoying text thread. Just about one in five choose the more assertive approach of removing themselves entirely from group chats.

To sum up, whether you participate in family group chats or text threads among friends, group chat messaging is here to stay. Moving forward, it’s up to each one of us to choose how we prefer to deal with this mode of communication.

If you’d like to see the results of the entire study, click here.

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