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A new survey shows that 80% of Nevada gamers are willing to lose sleep in order to play their favorite video games. Are you one of them?

We’ve all had one of those days or nights when we get totally consumed by a video game on our computers or smart phones. And if you’ve every played Wordle or Candy Crush, you know how difficult it can be to put your phone down during one of these sessions. But, are you so into it that it has become a daily or weekly obsession?

The folks at Solitaire Bliss recently conducted a national survey in which over two thousand gamers participated. What they found may not be startling, but it does confirm that more and more Americans are spending their free time playing games. Some, are even willing to give up sleep, meals, or social engagements to get their game on. One surprising fact revealed in the study shows that nearly half (45%) of gamers have played at work!

The state where the largest percentage of gamers were willing to give up sleep in order to play was Texas at 86%. Nevada gamers placed fourth at 80%.

The state where the most respondents said they were willing to give up food in order to continue playing their favorite game was also Texas at 60%.

The state where gamers said they would rather miss a social engagement with friends or family to keep playing was Alabama at 46%.

And the state where the most video game players said they liked to play at work was Virginia at 59%. You can click here to see the full report.

Obsession or fun hobby? You decide…


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