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Tom Brady may finally be retired from the NFL, this time “for good.” But that doesn’t mean he’s done with football. Tom Brady will now join the Las Vegas Raiders!

If you live in Las Vegas, seems like there’s some sort of breaking sports news everyday 9that you probably already knew about). The recent breaking – but you probably already knew it – news: Tom Brady is joining the Las Vegas Raiders as part-owner, according to Raiders owner Mark Davis.

According to ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez, Davis said the old Silver and Black have come to an agreement with Brady that has been submitted to the NFL for approval.

“We’re excited for Tom to join the Raiders and it’s exciting because he will be just the third player in the history of the National Football League to become an owner,” Davis said during a phone call with ESPN. The other two former players-turned-owners are George Halas and Jerry Richardson.

In March, shortly after his second retirement in as many years, Brady acquired an ownership stake in the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces, who are primarily controlled by Davis. Now Davis has agreed to sell a minority share of the Raiders to the future Hall of Famer, and submitted the agreement to the NFL for approval. An official vote on the deal won’t occur at this week’s spring meeting, but it marks a big step toward Brady becoming an executive.

A previous ESPN report states at least 24 team owners would have to approve the partnership, which is the case with all minority and majority owners.

It’s not the first time Brady made an effort to own an NFL team. After initially retiring from the Buccaneers after the 2021 season, Brady attempted to become a minority owner of the Dolphins, for whom he apparently also wanted to play. Miami was later penalized by the NFL for engaging in improper communications with Brady while he was still under contract with the Buccaneers.

The Raiders have several notable connections to the Patriots, who of course employed Tom Brady for the first 20 seasons of his career. Head coach Josh McDaniels is one of the most well-known Bill Belichick products, and general manager Dave Ziegler came from New England’s personnel department. Even the Raiders newest quarterback,  Jimmy Garoppolo began his career with the Patriots, entering as a second-round draft pick – and potential Brady successor — back in 2014.

So, with all that – are you a Raiders fan NOW? Will they FINALLY be Super Bowl bound?

Tom Brady Retires --Some Suggestions For His Spare Time

Tom Brady retires:

Yep – he just propped his phone on a rock, and quietly told the world.

Nope – no Raiders. No Patriots. No Steelers. He’s DONE. And it sounds like he means it. Here’s the thing – you’re going to miss seeing him every week on that field.

Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback ever? He has won more Super Bowls than any other quarterback and is certainly considered by most to be the best of all time. But – and again, I think most would agree that Joe Montana deserves all the recognition he deserves, as the generations die off.

Has Tom Brady defeated every team? Yes – at least once.

We won’t se Tom-Tom on the field playing anymore, and the thought of retirement can be daunting – so what can he do now?

Brady recently signed a 10-year deal with Fox Sports for $375 million to be a lead NFL analyst on-air, when he finishes playing. He also wanted to corner the fitness market with TB12, a program which is built around a regimen created by his body coach Alex Guerrero.

But what about Tom Brady’s day to day life? What does a multi millionaire do with his time now? He’s single, not playing football anymore, and you can only sit in a recliner for so long watching old football games.

Here are MY suggestions for Tom Brady’s retirement –

-Carla Rea

  • Start a garage band with Gronk

    Ladies and gentlemen – The Leatherheads!

    Tom Brady Retires

  • Put out a line of Tom Brady Catheters


    Tom Brady retires

  • Date Sally Field

    She’s single, he’s single, they did a movie together – it works!

    Tom Brady Retires

  • Create an OnlyFans account

    And just let people watch you paint your – or someone else’s – toenails all day!

    Tom Brady Retires

  • Sell off his Tom Brady Beanie Babies

    He could make a fortune off of himself!

    Tom Brady Retires

  • Get a cat


    Tom Brady Retires

  • Threaten neighborhood kids from his front porch by throwing footballs at them


    Tom Brady Retires

  • Finish painting the spare room

    Because you never have time to get that done!

    Tom Brady Retires

  • Do a Geico commercial!

    Tom can be funny! Let him work with the Gecko, or the “aunts.”

    Tom Brady Retires