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It was a salute to the oldest radio DJ by the Guinness Record Books after working in the industry for almost 72 years.  The Mike & Carla Morning Show thought it was only right to make mention of Mary McCoy. This 85-year-old still hosts the two-hour Country Classics show six days a week on KVST K-Star Country.

To those who thought Mike O’Brian held the record and was the oldest, well guess what? If you think about it, it’s quite the accomplishment to have such a heralded career in the radio industry. Officially, 71 years, 357 days was marked on Wednesday, February 15th. She actually beat the old record by three years!

Starting at the age of 12, Mary was very fond of the industry right from the beginning. She loved the music, the artists, and the listeners. This long time DJ talked about her meeting some classic country artists, including the biggest of all, ELVIS!

And to think it all started by hosting a 15 minute singing program on KMOC radio in 1951. 72 years later, she is now hosting a two hour show, six days a week on K-Star Radio in Huntsville, Texas.  Listen, Mike O’Brian should be so lucky to have a career like this.

Nonetheless, it’s quite inspiring to see what one person can do, especially if they love what they do. For the record, Mike started in Las Vegas back in 1980 doing nights at KLUC. After only about 3 years, it was time to move on. With stops Grand Junction, Colorado and Lowell, Indiana. O’Brian came back to Las Vegas and started doing mornings on KLUC on January 1, 1986. Ever since then, Las Vegas has been his morning radio home!

It really isn’t easy to sustain a radio career of any great length nowadays, however, we congratulate Mary McCoy! 72 years behind the mic and going strong! Take some time and listen to the segment below to hear her story…and enjoy!

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