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New Community Bringing The Christmas Spirit To Las Vegas

Looking for some fun activities in Las Vegas to get you into the Christmas spirit? Look no further than the Uncommons. Uncommons is a mixed-use community in the southern part of Las Vegas. Located at 6880 Helen Toland St, they are just across the street from the new Durango Casino & Resort. The community hasn’t been around long, but they have already made it a point to make their mark in Sin City. Since they first opened in 2022, their calendar has been chock full of activities for people from all walks of life in Nevada. Uncommons certainly lives up to their name in the diversity of what their community offers. They have office units, retail establishments, eateries and residences. And the variety they thrive on is echoed in the many activities they offer throughout the year. They hold weekly Brunch & Good Vibes events with live music. Specialty artisan markets like Market In The Alley, Female Maker Market and the Fresh52 Farmers Market. Poetry slams, fitness classes and so much more. But the Christmas season is where Uncommons in Las Vegas is really showing they can shine. There are many holiday events planned this year at UnCommons. For starters, a Gingerbread House Decorating party looks like a great time for both children and parents. Parents are invited to enjoy holiday-themed cocktails while their children decorate gingerbread houses. The best part is that a trained elementary school teacher will be the one to do the instructing. So parents can just kick back and relax. This event is planned for two dates in December, Monday the 18th and Wednesday the 20th. Guests can have brunch with Santa at UnCommons on Sunday, December 17. Where guests get to enjoy tasty food and take selfies with St. Nick. A Sweater Soirée & Gift Exchange is happening on Thursday, December 21. Which includes an all-you-can-eat-feast and white elephant exchange while wearing your best ugly sweater. Whether you are single and want to meet new friends, going out to eat with your besties, or a parent looking for something to do with your kiddo, UnCommons is a good place to start. Get details on all their events here. -Wendy Rush, 96.3 KKLZ

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