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I love escape rooms. I love escape rooms. And did I mention I love escape rooms? They’re so much fun to do. By yourself or with a group of friends. Though I personally think the perfect number of people is two. That way you don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. But you can still divide and conquer when time starts to run out.

I also love Las Vegas. For many reasons. One of them being the fact that we have a ton of escape rooms to choose from. And by the time you hit them all, they’ve refreshed and you have a whole new collection of puzzles to figure out.

An escape room is a fun activity for your family to do to get closer. It’s also a great team building exercise for coworkers. But my favorite idea behind escape rooms is doing it with a partner. I seriously think a couple should do an escape room or two before they get married. Because it’s trying to figure out a series of random puzzles while the clock counts down. That kind of pressure will show someone’s true colors.

Fortunately, Chris and I work very well together. We did our first escape room together recently at Escapability in Las Vegas. It was a medium/hard level one called Cabin In The Woods. We had so much fun! And we pretty much nailed it! Though we did have to ask for a few hints in the second room because we were running out of time. But the success rate was only 33% so I guess we’re still escape room rock stars? Check out the reel here.

Almost every escape room I’ve ever done has a second room. So don’t use all your time on the first one or you’ll really be stressing in that second room. And if you’ve never done one before, I highly recommend it. Here are my favorites in Las Vegas. Have fun!  – Wendy Rush

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