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Like many of us, I “bet” you have made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. One of the latest trends to battle obesity is cash prize incentive-based weight loss programs and contests. conducted a poll in November 2022 to determine our attitudes and feelings towards weight loss resolutions. The poll included 500 adults from mixed households across the United States, ages 25-65, and split about even between males and females. As you might expect, if you have ever made a decision to lose weight, there is a great deal of pessimism in our population about sticking to a diet in the New Year.

Over half of the respondents in the poll (53.07%) said they were making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or increase their level of fitness in 2023. However, the majority of these people (86.67%) felt that they would probably fail to achieve their weight loss or fitness goals. Ouch! Of those who said they doubted they would succeed, a brutally honest 14.95% admitted there was absolutely no way they would lose the intended weight. I can certainly relate to these feelings because I have made resolutions like this and failed.

Per the poll results, about two-thirds of the respondents said they probably would not continue with their weight loss diet or fitness regimen past January 2023. Some of the reasons they have failed in the past, or think they will fail in the coming year, include: lack of willpower, lack of motivation, and/or busy work schedules.

With these poll results in mind, surveyors then went on to ask respondents if they felt “a cash prize incentive would ‘motivate you to stick to a diet, fitness or weight-related New Year’s resolution.'” Over 42% said that would “absolutely, no question about it” help them stick to their diet, fitness regimen, or weight loss resolution. In addition, over 44% of the other respondents felt that a cash prize incentive “would be worth a shot.”

You may have seen the television commercials for showing happy folks who have lost the weight and earned hundreds or thousands of dollars. They are “the world’s leading purveyor of money-driven diet contests and challenges for individuals, teams and corporate wellness groups that, to date, has paid more than $52 million cash rewards for a collective 3.6 million pounds lost.” Pretty impressive. You can get to their website by clicking here.

If you have made a resolution to get fit or lose weight, we hope you find a way to stick to it and reach your goal!


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Top 5 Healthiest Cities In The U.S.

We’ve heard enough news about illnesses over the past couple years, let’s focus on people who are feeling HEALTHY. WalletHub just released its annual report, where they rank 182 of the biggest cities in the U.S. from the healthiest to the least healthy.

The rankings are based on 43 different factors including: Overall average physical health . . . overall average mental health . . . healthcare costs and quality . . . Covid rates . . . nutrition . . . fitness levels . . . and local parks, trails, and bike paths. Below are the Top 5 “healthiest” cities…where does Las Vegas ranked, click here to see the entire list!

  • #5 Salt Lake City, Utah


    Salt Lake City

    [f11photo] / via Getty Images

    It’s no wonder the city of Salt Lake cracked the Top 5 with all that there is to do there year round…between skiing, jogging, biking and more!

  • #4 Portland, Oregon

    Portland at night

    [Ahorica] / via Getty Images

    Although they’re known for trying to keep this city “weird”, there is also a sense of being healthy in this Pacific Northwest hub…for that reason it makes the Top 5!

  • #3 San Diego, California


    San Diego Gaslamp Quarter (District)

    [ReDunnLev] / via Getty Images

    It’s no surprise that San Diego would be in the Top 5 “healthiest cities” in the country. The perfect weather year round just gives in to the outdoor activities that create a healthy attitude in this southern California city!

  • #2 Seattle, Washington


    Seattle skyline

    [roman_slavik] via Getty Images

    Much like Portland, this Pacific Northwest city has a lot to offer in the great outdoors year round. Everything from the great restaurants to mountain biking, clearly there’s a reason why this city is in the Top 5!

  • #1. San Francisco, California

    Golden Gate Bridge

    [David Chang] / via Getty Image

    To be #1 on this list, it took a high rating from great healthy restaurants to “green” living to make this city the “healthiest” to live in. Not to mention, the walking you have to do up and down hills in the city also keep those that live there in shape!