Larry Martino

Larry Martino

A man is searching for information regarding the many common injuries he has, including neck, arm, wrist, and leg injuries.

There’s nothing worse than having your life interrupted by a visit to the emergency room for an injury. Not only do you feel more pain than you can bear, but the E.R. visit is probably going to cost you big bucks, depending on your health insurance. Then there are those nagging injuries that don’t necessarily require a visit to the hospital or doctor’s office. That’s why many Nevadans go to the internet to search for information regarding these common injuries.

Many Nevadans Search The Internet For Relief Of Common Injuries

To be honest, my wife will search for treatments for any medical condition on the web. She’s trying to curb herself from doing this for every little sniffle, cough, or stomach upset. But she probably looks something up on the internet every day. There’s so much information out there these days, it’s difficult to avoid doing internet searches for whatever is bothering you at the time.

The main problem you encounter when doing an internet search on a disease or illness is that your symptoms could be the result of anything from a common cold to a death sentence. Generally, you end up feeling worse after learning that your symptoms could be disastrous. Not all the information on the web is valuable.

However, when you’re trying to find a way to relieve the pain of a nagging injury, there may be treatments available for which you don’t have to visit the doctor. And that’s why many Nevadans are performing internet searches by the thousands each month for common injuries.

I know we’ve looked up treatments for sprained ankles and wrists and how best to treat them. All the bumps and bruises I get from blocking slapshots playing hockey don’t require a visit to the E.R. But sometimes we do search for the best way to treat those athletic injuries.

In fact, the five most common injury internet searches Nevadans are performing can be attributed to athletics or their jobs. Experts from Phoenix, Arizona injury attorneys conducted this study of nagging ailments Nevadans are searching for most often on Google. Scroll down to find out which common injuries are in the top five.


  • 5) Concussion

    A 3D rendering of severe head trauma such as a concussion. The rendering is configured as if it is a medical x-ray of the head and brain of a person against a dark background. The human in the rendering is holding his/her left hand to the forehead. There is a very bright spot in the frontal lobe of the brain in x-ray to signify pain.

    A 3D rendering of severe headache or migraine caused by a concussion.

    I have never actually had to go to a doctor or emergency room for a concussion. However, one night playing hockey about 20 years ago, a guy on the other team accidentally (I think) tapped my chin with his shoulder as he skated by me. I didn’t fall and I did keep playing. However, the only things I remember about the rest of that night is that I had a headache. I don’t remember any other conversations from that night. Thankfully, it wasn’t severe enough to cause any problems in the days or weeks that followed. Nevadans are averaging about 1,200 internet searches per month for this injury.

  • 4) Nasal Septum Deviation

    Close-up photo of a teenage male athlete with short, brown hair. His nose is very obviously broken, with the bridge of his nose pushed to the left. He has a cotton swab in his left nostril to stop the bleeding.

    Photo of a teenage male athlete who broke his nose during competition. He has a cotton swab in his left nostril to stop the bleeding.

    Ouch! Man, that broken nose looks like it really, really hurts. If that kid had a trainer or doctor push the bridge of his nose back into place, it’s going to hurt even more. Plus, he’ll probably have two black eyes for a week or so as well. A deviated septum is very common, especially for those who play competitive sports. Nevadans average about 1,700 searches on the internet for this type of injury every month.

  • 3) Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

    Photo of a Caucasian woman's hands. Her right hand is grabbing her own left wrist as if it is in pain. Her left arm is outstretched over a chrome or silver laptop keyboard, palm facing upwards.

    A woman has finger and hand pain after using a computer for a long time. Pain in wrist while using laptop, carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Even though I’ve been using computers extensively since the 1990’s, I have not had to deal with carpel tunnel syndrome. Thankfully! However, my sister-in-law did encounter this nagging injury and she had the carpel tunnel surgery done on her hand. In fact, this is one of the most common surgeries in the U.S.A. Per the survey, there are over 400,000 of these procedures done each year. About 1,725 internet searches per month are logged in by Nevadans for carpel tunnel each month.

  • 2) Bursitis

    Close-up photo of a Caucasian man's left arm and elbow, with red, painful swelling on the elbow joint. The man is wearing a dark gray t-shirt and his right hand and arm are holding up his left arm just behind the elbow.

    Man in gray t-shirt holds a painful elbow with inflammation of the joint. Man with red painful swelling elbow.

    Although this photo depicts bursitis in the elbow, you can feel bursitis in any joint, including shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. It’s very painful, and bursitis is also usually accompanied by swelling. Nevadans are averaging 1,867 internet searches each month for ways to treat this type of injury and pain.

  • 1) Shin Splints

    Photo of a dark-haired woman, sitting down, with both hands holding on to the shinbone area of her right leg. That area of her leg is highlighted in red to depict pain, or shin splints. The woman is wearing a white tank top, and gray activewear pants.

    A dark-haired woman wearing a white tank top and gray active wear leggings holding her right leg with both hands. Her shin bone area is highlighted in red to depict shin splints.

    I’ve had shin splints before. In fact, I used to run on the asphalt around my home just about every day. Shin splints are very painful. I learned quickly that you have to do a lot of stretching before and after you go jogging to avoid them. Nevadans are searching for ways to deal with the pain, or alleviate it altogether, with over 1,900 internet searches each month.

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