Ethan Miller via Getty Images

CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara was part of an accident that happened last month. On January 18th, he was a passenger in an SUV that was part of an accident that occurred on Desert Inn Road, near Paradise Road. It was just west of the Las Vegas Strip

Dr. Jesus Jara was driven by Joseph Caruso, CCSD’s special assistant to Jara. He also serves as the liaison for the Clark County School District board.

The vehicle driven by Caruso rear ended the car in front of them, causing that vehicle to hit the car in front of that vehicle. Caruso suffered non-life threatening injuries. The police report states he had blood on his face and hands, most likely due to the airbags deploying in the SUV.

According to the police report, there was only one person in the SUV, even though Jara was a passenger in it. It wasn’t on the police report because Jara apparently walked away from the scene of the accident before the police arrived. The report only states that Caruso was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. When asked about why Jara was not present when police arrived, they said he was traveling between meetings. He left the scene of the accident after he felt everyone was safe and knew authorities were on their way.

Traffic officers didn’t even know Jara was there, so they left it off the report. Also no one involved in the multi-car accident mentioned of him being there.

Caruso was not impaired when the accident occurred. It’s also not illegal for a passenger to leave the scene of a crash.


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