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Doctor visit

OK everyone, let’s talk freely and openly – because that’s what we do on The Mike and Carla Morning Show.

It’s that time of year that every woman looks forward to, basically  because she dreads it – going to the lady mechanic. Yes, the gynecologist! Today it was my (Carla’s) day, and we definitely talked about it. Maybe a little too much.

The Gynecologists. As women, we’ve been going regularly since we were in our late teens, but we still get that “ugh” feeling. It’s like a second date with someone you really don’t want to go out with again, but you do it anyhow.

There’s a ritual that every woman goes through the day she has to go to the gynecologist – or  “mechanic.” If you have to go to work, you start the day with a shower, and a lady shave, and a plucking, and a powdering, and perfume, etc.

Now, if you have a break between work, and going to the auto shop, you head home, and do it again – another quick shower, a safety shave, a little more powder, a little more perfume.

I asked Mike O’Brian, and executive producer, Morty, if guys do the same ritual? Well, apparently – they do! Now I understand the plumbing is different, but they do basically the same prep, the same once over, and twice over that women do.

Oh sure, the parts are different, and it’s certainly a different visit when we “take the cat to the vet” than it is when you guys visit the “plumber.” But all in all, our listeners do the same prep as we do, for the most part, and make sure everything looks good, and is in order.

Ladies, guys, remember – it’s all about the presentation: Ladies, make sure that road is paved before anyone drives through the tunnel. And guys, make sure the vehicle is nice and clean before the plumber starts tightening the pipes. Or loosening? Now I’m not sure. Oh well – scoot down!

Enjoy the audio from this very funny discussion: