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Will More Nevada Pets Get Movie-Inspired Names?

Gone are the days that dogs are named “Rover” and cats are named “Fluffy.” In fact, movie character pet names are a growing trend in America. Pop culture has certainly spread to the world of those lovable, cuddly, family pets. Will 2023’s Blockbusters Create Movie-Inspired Pet Names? Hopefully you’re ready to meet and greet lots of dogs and cats with the name “Barbie.” After all, it’s the top box office film of the past year. And who wouldn’t love a cuddly little dog or cat with that moniker. Is “Ken” really a good pet name? It probably will be in the year ahead. Then there’s the Super Mario Brothers Movie. I’m sure many will be calling out for “Mario” or “Luigi” to go for a walk. But Oppenheimer? The third biggest movie of 2023? I guess we can shorten it to “Oppie.” Yeah, that’ll work. America’s Most Popular Movie Character Pet Names The folks at take a look at the registered pet names on their website. In fact, there are over 50,000 pet names on their platform. With that in mind, they have come up with the top 25 movie character pet names in our nation. By and large, the most popular movie-inspired pet name is (drumroll, please…) “Rocky!” Yes, Sylvester Stallone’s iconic Rocky movie series is tops in this survey. Of course, there are lots of Disney movie-inspired pet names on the list. “Remy” from Ratatouille comes in fourth. “Koda” from Brother Bear ranks at number five. Furthermore, at number eight it’s “Lady” from Lady and the Tramp. Don’t forget “Simba” from The Lion King roaring into ninth place. Likewise, lovers of science-fiction and high fantasy movies will be happy to know that many of our four-legged friends are being named for movie characters you admire. In fact, “Harry” and “Dobby” from the Harry Potter films made the top 25 list at #13 and #21 respectively. Star Wars fans are putting “Luke” (#17), “Leia” (#18), and “Yoda” (#24) on the map too. Not to mention the Marvel Cinematic Universe pet names on the list. As a matter of fact, “Loki” is the second most popular pet name behind “Rocky.” In addition, “Thor” places at number 11. Nevada’s Most Popular Pet Names In conclusion, we saved the best for last. Nevada’s favorite pet names according to Specifically for canines, “Bear” is the Silver State’s favorite pet name. By the same token, “Oscar” is our state’s favorite feline moniker. If you’d like to check out the full study and article by Danielle Petch, click here. Now, feel free to scroll down for more content which you may enjoy.

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