Get Your Pet Microchipped For Free At Arizona Charlie’s

If your furry friend has yet to be microchipped, you can get your pet microchipped for free this Saturday, April 8th, at Arizona Charlie's Casino at 740 South Decatur Boulevard in Las Vegas. According to the flyer on, this free event will take place from 10am - 2pm and will feature live entertainment from Kelly And The Strays. Paws For The Cause is sponsoring this free microchipping event. Per an article written by Justine Verastigue on, this is their first event since the pandemic. The microchips are being provided by The Animal Foundation. Veterinarians from Veterinary Centers of America will be conducting the microchip implants. Not only can you get your pet microchipped for free this Saturday at Arizona Charlie's Decatur, but they will be holding a pet blanket drive at the same time. The Animal Foundation will be collecting these new or gently used blankets to keep pets warm while they wait to be adopted. Per Verastigue's article, anyone who stops by to donate a pet blanket or get their pet microchipped will receive a free branded leash and a True Rewards sign-up from Arizona Charlie's. Why should you get your pet microchipped? I checked the FAQ page on and the answer is what you would expect. Implanting a microchip under the skin of your dog or cat will greatly increase the chance that you will get your pet back if it becomes lost. If someone finds your pet and takes it to an animal shelter or a veterinary clinic, they can scan the microchip, and if you have kept your information up-to-date, your pet will be returned to you. If you are worried that the hypodermic needle the vet uses to implant the microchip will hurt your pet, the website states that there is no more pain involved than a "typical injection." No anesthesia is required. So, this is a perfect chance to get your "fur baby" microchipped for free this Saturday at Arizona Charlie's.   Let’s be friends! 👍 Follow us on all social media platforms: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: [ss-signup design_id="2012286"] Larry Martino is the long-time Afternoon Drive personality on 96.3 KKLZ. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of Larry Martino and not necessarily those of Beasley Media Group, LLC. [select-am am_id="455042" syndication_name="pet-products-that-can-make-life-easier"]

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