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I know. We all love having our pet costume photos. Photos of fur babies dressed as a superhero or princess is as precious to some as their human kids donning those outfits. But a pet costume isn’t for everyone. In fact, according to the RSPCA, costumes can be quite traumatic for some animals, the BBC reported.

The RSPCA is the largest animal welfare charity in the U.K. Animal safety is among their highest priority. They say that some pets are fine getting dressed up. But others might not be. In fact, some might even get worried or scared being in costume. And some veterinary associations warn that an animal can suffer discomfort or even breathing problems under this stress.

We all love our fur babies. And it’s important to think about how some holiday activities, like wearing a pet costume, might make them feel. Some animals might also get stressed out at things like parties or parades. Both rampant this time of year. It’s no different than fireworks on the Fourth of July, in terms of being cautious about the pet’s reaction.

The breed of pet should be considered as well when it comes to a pet costume, specifically dogs. If you have a pug, bulldog, or other breed prone to breathing problems, a costume can make that issue worse. Like these two bulldogs…are they smiling? Or struggling to breathe? It’s honestly hard to tell.

Happy French Bulldog dogs dressed up as fairytale characters Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf with full body costumes with fake arms in forest

Keep in mind, pet owners aren’t being told NOT to buy a pet costume. It’s just a warning to make sure that your pet stays calm and healthy during the process of wearing the thing. Because as cute as our babies are dressed up, we love them. That means their health and happiness comes first. Some dogs and cats are comfortable in costume. And others are downright happy to wear them. They’re just not for every pet. If you do have a costume-loving pet in your home, tell them I said Happy Halloween! 😀

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