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Melo is what happens when a gargoyle and a cat have a wild night where all inhibitions are thrown to the wind. He’s got a face that can ward off evil if he were to perch high above a gothic church, and a personality that screams, “I’ll let you know when you may kiss my paw.” He’s smart. So smart, that when you look at him, you get the feeling that he’s calculating the exact moment when he can snag your car keys and head out for a joy ride. He’s very food and treat motivated so if you keep him entertained with puzzles, he’ll keep his paws off your Prius. He gets bored easily so you’ll need to commit time to frequent enrichment sessions. The Rain Man of dogs, he learns easily and quickly, which makes him a savant – and a bit of a pain in the butt. If you’re looking for a dog to snuggle on the couch while you binge watch Bridgerton… keep looking. He’s silly. Melo can’t play poker as you can read every emotion on his face. He’s very inquisitive which will frequently make you laugh and will often encourage you to keep a much neater home. We pity the fool that leaves a full trash can at his disposal. He’s kind of a big deal. Melo has his own Instagram account sir_melo_lv. He shares photos from his hiking excursions, holiday celebrations, television appearances, and many puppuccinos. He hasn’t yet reached “influencer” status, but he’s more than happy to collab on your doggy fashion line. Our guess is he’s seen some sh*t. While Melo hasn’t divulged his past, he’s spent the better part of his life in and out of shelters and rescues. A scar across his back is a forever reminder that it may be a history best forgotten. His experiences have made him quite stubborn and he will outright refuse to move if he’s not in the mood.  Want him to get off the couch? Nah, I don’t think so. Want him to go in or out of his crate? Not right now, human. Want him to go outside? Not happening, bro. While a normal dog would allow some cajoling and a collar tug, not Melo. He once overcorrected his foster mom for such an infraction. Although he did seem a tiny bit remorseful, she recommends using a slip lead to counter his stubbornness. Let’s talk about potty training, shall we? It’s not that Melo isn’t potty trained… he just has a vendetta against kennels and some flooring. Truth be told, we’re not sure if his incontinence is medical and caused by scar tissue around a nerve in his back, or if it’s behavioral and he just doesn’t appreciate being left alone. A belly band/diaper protects against messes and gives Melo the confidence of a Sumo Wrestler entering his first match. Melo wants your attention when he wants your attention, and he’s not willing to share it with another animal. He’s okay with children… unless they push his boundaries (as children are known to do). If you don’t trust your children completely and you’d like them to make it to adulthood unscarred, he’s probably not the dog for you. Who is he the dog for? If you enjoy chilling in the evenings with a martini, listening to Frank Sinatra… Melo might be your man. If you don’t mind showing him love on his terms and not yours… Melo might be perfect. If you want to laugh, smile, and take walks with a gargoyle/cat… Melo might be for you. Finally, if you like a challenge and want to give a loving home to a deserving pup who has already been through too much in his life, Melo might be for you. Fill out an application at www.heartsalivevillage.org/adoptable-dogs and he’ll have his people call your people.

The Hearts Alive Village Adoptable Kitties of the Week are two adorable seniors named Muffin and Creeper. After a divorce, their owner left them behind with his ex. Extremely allergic to cats, she’s been trying to rehome these babies for months. It’s been a rough situation for all involved and Creeper has been hypergrooming from the stress. They’ve now come to the Village to begin the next chapter in their furry little lives. Muffin (female) and Creeper (male) are a bonded pair and would love to be adopted together. They are 8-years-old and are fully vetted and ready to find love. They are currently staying at our Petsmart adoption center in the Best of the West shopping center. If you’d like to meet these cuties, stop into Petsmart (2140 N. Rainbow Blvd) and see if they’d be a good fit for your family.

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