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Hey, Wendy here. So, we’ve sent in the DNA swab for Apple’s test to find out what breed she is. But we’re trying to figure out what her breed is before we know for sure, just to see how smart we are. If you want to play along, check out these stats, look closely at her photos in the gallery and watch the video below. Let’s see who’s smarter than a doggy DNA scientist!


VERY smart. She sends my emails for me… just kidding. But she does learn tricks very quickly, including how to open the baby gate (check out the video).






Reddish brown hair THAT SHEDS EVERYWHERE. Also some black areas of hair. So, this points to a SHEPHERD, right? She also has long legs that weed out breeds like Dachshund or Corgi.







A few small black spots on her tongue. Maybe a CHOW?

Very anxious…we’re talking like small dog level anxiety over here. She doesn’t do well with much outside the house where she feels safe. Her vet says this might suggest a breed like SHIBA INU. This would also account for her size, which is smaller than a shepherd. Full grown weight is about 42 pounds.

This is her anxiety riding in the car. She has to hold my arm to stop whining.

The second photo is her at the vet after she broke her leg. 🙁 So that anxiety is understandable.





But where do the cupped ears come from? We thought they’d stand up when she got older, but nope. They’re folded for life. Not a lot of breeds have cupped ears, from my understanding. Not Shepherd, not Chow, now Shiba. The mystery continues…







  She loves to fetch sticks, play tug of war and dig holes…so many holes…is this breed-specific? Or just a puppy thing?

She also likes water, but it’s taking her a while to warm up to a lot of it. Check out the video to see how she reacts to spraying water. It’s hilarious.






Apple refuses to accept she’s not a lap dog. Or a leg dog. Or an arm dog. Doesn’t matter what part of your body she can find, she’s gonna cuddle up and go to sleep.







So…what is Apple? Take your guess and check back for the answer. DNA results will be posted when we get them back. 🙂