Wendy Rush

The Tale of Tails

Oh, if this cat could talk. It would tell great tales about how it’s tail got all the way to Las Vegas. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, this little feline got lost back in December 2021. Her owner noticed her missing and immediately started searching for her pet.

Lost Kitty

Tracy Cost was brokenhearted when Raven, wandered away from home. Cost had raised Raven since she was a kitten. She searched when Raven went missing but never found her. She finally gave up and thought she’d never see Raven again.

Far From Home

Fast forward a year and two months and good old Raven is back. But this time not in Alabama. This world traveling kitty was found in Las Vegas! That’s nearly 2,000 miles away from home. According to 8newsnow, a local resident discovered her and took her in. Elizabeth McGloin found Raven near I-215 and Losee Road.

And here’s where the moral of the story comes in. Microchip your animals! Because Raven was microchipped, she was able to be scanned. Much to their surprise, a local animal rescue saw that Raven was far from home. They called Cost. Who probably fell off of her chair. Her long lost pet was found after more than a year lost.

Since hearing Raven‘s story, people have been flocking to help. Some offering to pay for Raven‘s trip home. Other offering to take the cat home themselves.

A nonprofit organization called Imagine Home is taking charge of getting Raven back to her owner. Imagine Home specializes in transporting cats in a relay-style method. They put a cat in the care of a trusted volunteer, who transports the pet a specific distance until they meet another volunteer. Rinse and repeat until the animal gets to where they need to go.

But, wait…

So, after a doctor check-up, Raven is going home. All is well that ends well. But, one question remains unanswered. How the heck does a cat get from Alabama to Las Vegas?

We have thoughts… – Wendy Rush

  • Hopped On A Cargo Train

    Cute young grey striped cat walking like a model next to a train track and looking away from the camera. Legs and paws of a cat lifted off ground. Cat model.

    If you hang around a train track long enough, you’ll see cats. Raven could have been one of those track-runners who got tired and hopped on a shipment container. Next stop? Las Vegas!

  • Befriended a #VanLife Couple

    Cat laying on bed in rv integra camper car and looking around trought front window pane. Motorhome traveling with pet.

    Van life people are usually pretty big on nature and animals. Maybe little Raven came across a cozy van at a gas station and climbed in.

  • This Crazy Wind!!

    A funny thick fluffy cat falls from a height

    With winds gusting at over 80mph this week, it makes you wonder: just how much wind does it take to pick up a cat?

  • Climbed Into The Wrong Bag

    An excited Siamese cat pokes its head out of a cat carrier to look around alertly

    We see it all the time. The case of the identical luggage getting swapped. Maybe Raven climbed into what she thought was her owner’s bag, and woke up in a totally different place.

  • One Word: Toonces

    Maybe Toonces wasn’t just a TV show character. Someone should check to see if there’s a car missing from Alabama.

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