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Given the option or even the chance, if you had the chance to time travel,  what decade of your life would you want to experience again? Great question right? It just one of the things that The Mike & Carla Morning Show talked about this morning in their segment known as “A Few Things We Think You Should Know”.

There was a survey of 2,000 American SENIORS and they asked them what they’d do.  And the top answer was to go back and experience their 30s again.  30% of those surveyed said their 30s were the happiest or best decade of their life.  Followed up with those that thought the 20s were a good time and came in second with 25% of the vote.  (The source doesn’t list stats for other decades.)

Time travel always makes for an interesting question…if you could actually “time travel” would you and where would you go. Carla Rea thinks that she would love to go back to her 20’s…according to her, it was a VERY good time! Mike O’Brian thought he would love to go back to his teenage years and more specifically his high school days! The only stipulation was that they could go back knowing what they know now…not sure if that would help! LOL!

Now if you had the chance to give yourself advice, what would it be? The most common answers that came up include:  Accept challenges . . . follow your gut . . . be bold . . . stay humble . . . always be prepared . . . and stay positive.

On the other hand, would their younger self even listen?  Well guess what? 49% said they received solid advice from people when they were young, but ignored it! So as you think about, if given the chance would you do it? What would you tell your younger self? And do you think you would actually listen?

All that considered, listen to this story and others from this morning and as we say…ENJOY!

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