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A teen in Texas has gone viral all because he swallowed a “squeaky” dog toy! You hear it from your parents all the time…quit goofing around or something’s going to happen…well guess what, it did! Johnathan Serrano was goofing around with his mom and, like we’ve all heard from our parents, if you start goofing around, something is going to happen…and guess what? It did!

Well, with this Texas teen, his mom rushed him to the hospital where the kid quickly became a patient favorite with the doctors, nurses and other staff members all stopping by to hear the kid laugh! When you hear the actual audio, it will certainly remind you of that cartoon character “Muttly” who’s laugh became infectious after watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.

The M&C Morning Show share some audio of the kid’s mom talking about this crazy story that made the video go viral and at the end, listen for the famous laugh! It’s all in good fun and the best part of the story is that the kid will be okay…not sure if he would chance it again, but nowadays, with social media being what it is, you never know!

Of course, The Mike & Carla Morning Show had to talk about it this morning and wondered how many other parents went through something like this where their kid swallow something! Needless to say, there were plenty of parents that have suffered through episodes like this from game pieces to pen caps and more!

One mother talked about her little daughter swallowing 3 quarters that eventually passed through, along with another mom who’s little kid downed a Christmas light! What is going on here? Just a warning to keep an eye on your kids and chances are if there is something small enough to swallow, chances are kids will!

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