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From Carla Rea’s ‘Who Knew, Who Cares, But It’s Cool!’ Files

Here’s something crazy I never knew – and you may not really care about:  There’s one day a year where, for a brief moment,  99% of the people on Earth are technically in sunlight all at the same time.  And that day is TODAY.

It happens every July 8th at 7:15 a.m. Eastern, 4:15 a.m. Pacific.  But – the sun doesn’t rise until close to 6:00 this time of year, so how’s it even possible?

Well, it’s not saying the whole planet has sunlight, just places with people.  And the word “technically” is key, because some aren’t fully lit up like you’re thinking.

At that exact moment, 83% of populated areas of earth are in full daylight, including Africa, Europe, and most of Asia.  Meanwhile, 7% are in twilight, where the sun is rising or setting, and 6% are in “nautical twilight,” where it’s basically dark.

The remaining 3% are in “astronomical twilight,” where the sun is well below the horizon.  So to the human eye, it’s dark out, but there’s still a tiny bit of indirect light, that only really matters if you’re looking at stuff through a telescope.

Only 93% of us can actually see any light at that moment.  But technically, just 1% are looking at a totally dark sky, mostly in Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea.

Ok, I know! But I did say a BRIEF moment. And to someone who really enjoys useless fact, I think it’s really cool!

-Carla Rea

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