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These have been handed down from generation to generation, but what is your family “cure-all” that heals everything? That’s what The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know this morning. We all have them and, what’s more important, they seem to work for some reason.

So, when The M&C Morning Show asked, the phone lines lit up and people started texting in. Now keep in mind that there are some standards that we all know about….but we found out that booze came up quite a few times.

This family “cure-all” heals everything!

Vick’s Vaporub came up as well, but what was interesting was where you apply it. Garlic was also very popular with some of our listeners. From lowering high blood pressure to being stuffed up…just have to be careful with the amount! Chicken soup was high on the list as well when talking about these types of cures.

It was also interesting that it seemed to be geographical in nature. Depending on where you are from, that would weigh heavily on what cure was handed down through generations to you. But the bottom line is that most listeners were very confident that their “cure-all” really did work. Couldn’t explain it, it just seemed to work and that’s all that matter!

It was quite the interesting topic, but know that the show did mention a disclaimer that they are not medical experts! None of the stuff that was talked about this morning is just opinion, so try these cures with caution.

Not sure that was needed, but you just never know right? All in all, we did find it interesting how far back some of these methods go back. How long families have been using them…especially as we head in to 2024! But as most say, hey if it works, it’s good enough for me! Listen to the conversation from this morning…and enjoy!

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