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Just a warning, please know that when you go to the dentist, you might need these…and we’re not kidding! The Mike & Carla Morning Show found out through Carla Rea that you might need to wear adult diapers on your next dentist visit! Finding out that she might need some dental work done, Carla was told that she might want to wear adult diapers for her procedure!

Now, in all the years she has been going, this has never popped up, but needing to be sedated has added a new dimension to her next visit. The office told her that she just might want to prepare to by put under. Don’t need to be waking up and noticing that someone had a little “accident”!

You might need these for your next visit to the dentist!

Given that in all the years, Carla has never once ever thought of buying adult diapers at her age. In fact, needing just one puts Carla in a weird situation…she truly doesn’t want to have to buy an entire box of them! However, it was nice of listeners to dial in and give her some advice on size, how to wear them and more!

Carla’s biggest concern was if she needed to wear bigger shorts to cover them up? One listener made the call and said “no”, you don’t have to do that. That there are many shapes and styles to choose from. Of course that didn’t make Carla feel any better, but being new to this world, it’s good to have as much info as possible.

On the other hand, Carla was wondering, what happens if she likes wearing them? She gets too comfortable in them! One thing we all found out, she is going to Boulder City to buy them. And shopping somewhere where they will never see her again!

Hey, we’re just hoping everything turns out okay…but listen to the segment and if you can help, let Carla know!