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On this Tuesday, May 23rd, The Mike & Carla Morning Show say “Happy Birthday” to our executive producer Morty! Morty has been with The M&C Morning Show for over four years now. He is a huge part of the show both on and off the air.

Morty was born and raised on the island of OahuHawaii. While waiting to start his first year of college, he accidentally got into radio and over 20 years later, he still vows to get his college education! Having spent 12 years in radio in Hawaii, Morty decided to make the move to the “9th Island” of Las Vegas to further his radio career.

Since the move, he has worked for a variety of radio stations over the past 10 years in Las Vegas. However, he finally arrived at 96.3 KKLZ in January of 2019 joining “The Mike & Carla Morning Show” as executive producer.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you…

Morty is a huge fan of “live” music and sports! So you will most likely run into him at a concert or sporting event! GO STEELERS! GO KNIGHTS GO! On the other hand, he doesn’t mind spending time at home, sharpening his video game skills, playing the guitar, or enjoying some quality time with his English Bulldog Squish!

If you’ve been listening to The M&C Morning Show for the past year or so, you have an idea of what Morty has been going through. Despite battling cancer at this point in time in his life, Morty still remains optimistic and has a positive attitude.

He was the first one to volunteer for the Purple Stride Event to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Research. Showed up to collect cases of bottled water for The Salvation Army this past Saturday. Not only is Morty the executive producer for The M&C Morning Show, he’s a great friend as well.

As you listen to the segment below, you will be able to tell how much Mike & Carla feel about Morty…especially on his birthday!