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So what do you do if you’re in a wedding and you find out the groom sent a bridesmaid a “love” letter? That was the dilemma this morning on The Mike & Carla Morning Show during another session of “Group Therapy”!

The wedding is happening this weekend here in Las Vegas and one of the bridesmaid’s get a love letter from the groom-to-be. Although he loves he’s fiancé, he has always had feeling for the bridesmaid. He actually wanted to know if she has ever felt anything for him? Luckily the answer was NO!

But if you were in this situation, what would you do. That’s what we wanted to know this morning. Calls came in as well as people texting in and there was a wide variety of advice! Some listeners telling the bridesmaid to hang onto the letter. Others saying to be honest and hand it over to the bride-to-be. M&C found it odd that more men were calling in with their advice that women. Oh the other hand, more women were just fine texting in.

Either way, it was quite the conundrum for everyone involved…except for the bride who knew nothing. There were even some listeners who admitted being in this very situation when they got married. What to do? Carla Rea even talked about a similar situation she was involved with. Although nothing ever happened, to this day, the wife never found out!

One listener suggested that the bridesmaid and bride take the fulling funded honeymoon together! That suggestion got a few votes, but clearly wasn’t the answer. So listen to the segment from this morning and think about what you would do. Are you honest with your best friend? Do you tell the guy that you tore the letter up and never speak of this again?

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The Nickname Couples In Nevada And Other States Use Most -- Hey Hunk!

Everyone has a nickname, or a “pet name” for their significant other. Right, pookie?

Do you have a cute little nickname for your significant other? Someone did a very deep dive, and analyzed tweets from all 50 states to find the top “pet name” couples in each state use more than other states.

Psychologists say that using nicknames in a relationship helps foster trust and intimacy. But,  it definitely depends on the tone you use.

Shorty, or shawty, is the top slang term of endearment in eight states. It’s a hip-hop word that has come to describe a sexually attractive woman. Although the level of respect depends on the context it’s used in. Shorty’s meaning has evolved since the word debuted in Too $hort’s “Everytime” (1985), and old-school hip-hop fans may use it to refer to a man or kid.

Most nicknames are more common, like “sweetie” and “cutie.”  South Dakota likes the term “dearest,” and people in Alabama are calling each other “sweet cakes.” But in Nevada, well – we seem to like the word “hunk!”

You can change your own name, but you can’t change that cute nickname you have for your significant other. Those terms of endearment evolve as your relationship evolves –  and your defenses fall, and your hormones rise. Though I wonder if there are people who have used the same nickname for previous partners – just because that’s the pet name THEY like to use.

Here are the top nicknames in the US. This doesn’t include the most common ones, like “babe” and “honey.”  Still, a lot of the ones on the list are pretty common, until you get to the end of the list. Some interesting, and I think maybe even a little regional, nicknames.

Whatever your favorite nickname is – enjoy, cupcake!

-Carla Rea

  • Cutie

    Nine states use it more than average.  (Arizona, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin)

    Pet names

    Ozgur Coskun via Getty Images

  • Shorty

    Eight states really like this one: Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia

    Pet names

    IPGGutenbergUKLtd via Getty Images

  • Baby daddy

    The five states that use it the most are Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia. (Honestly – it’s  kinda gross. But you go ahead, West Virginia!)

    Pet names

    Wavebreakmedia via Getty Images

  • 4.  Bae

    Five states:  Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

    (Hey – you try to find a Bae. So here’s a Bay)

    Pet names

    MAPaRt via Getty Images


  • Boo.

    Four states:  Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.

    Pet names

    Ekaterina Molchanova via Getty Images

  • Sweetie

    Four states love this old favorite:  Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, and New Mexico.

    Pet names

    iness_ikebana via Getty Images

  • Hubby

    Four states don’t cae about Wifey, I guess:  Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, and Vermont.

    Pet names

    иктор Высоцкий via Getty Images

  • Wifey

    Three states said “fine, hubby, now it’s our turn!:  California, Colorado, and Rhode Island.

    Pet names

    Wavebreakmedia via Getty Images


  • Baby girl

    This one is most popular in Arkansas and Kansas.

    Pet names

    Everste via Getty Images

  • Sugar daddy

    People in New York and Montana use it the most.  I don’t really think of Montana as a sugar daddy state, but sure. Oh – and eww.

    Pet names

    VITALII MIKHAILIUK via Getty Images

  • Hunk - and others

    These are the most unique nicknames that only had ONE state each:  Nevada likes the word “hunk,” women in Wyoming are saying “my boy,” calling your husband or wife “dearest” is big in South Dakota, and Alabama likes the term “sweet cakes!”

    Pet names

    Deagreez via Getty Images