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Have you ever noticed that listening to rock music, like an AC/DC song, motivates you to be productive? That wasn’t a coincidence. A medical group based out of Germany did a study last year about this topic, kgun9.com reported.

According to the study, people were more efficient and worked with more accuracy in the operating room when listening to loud rock music like AC/DC.

In response, two organizations came together to create an album directed at medical professionals. NextMed Health is an organization dedicated to reshaping healthcare in America. And Klick Health directs their efforts toward innovation in the field of life sciences. Through their partnership, these organizations were able to debut a rock album performed by AC/DC tribute artists.

They call the album Highway To Heal.

The album includes tracks like Shoot To Drill and EKG as well as the title track. The album is available on Lifesaving Radio, which is an AI-powered radio station that is especially for surgeons. The station is designed to help surgeons be more energized and efficient in the operating room.

Three of the AC/DC tribute songs are currently being previewed on Lifesaving Radio.

And the entire album is due to follow soon. Thanks to lifesavingradio.com, we were able to catch some of the lyrics. You can sing these to the tune of Highway To Hell. “Breathing easy, paging me. Mark the site to cut you on the right side”.

The lyrics to Shoot To Drill include “Shoot to drill, play to fill. Too many cavities up in your grill.” But our favorite has to be EKG. Sing these lyrics to the tune of the TNT chorus: “EKG, I’ll know if you code. EKG more electrodes!”

Dang…kind feel like I could do surgery right now. Seriously though, this is awesome. And the fact that it’s based in actual research makes it even better. You can listen to the available tracks here.

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Classic Rock Singers That Ranked Higher Than Steve Perry

Rolling Stone Magazine just released their list of 200 Best Singers Of All Time. And people are all up in arms about the results. And I’m not just talking about the snub Celine Dion got. There are other people not on the list. I mean, Barbra Streisand? Pat Benatar? Come on…While we are focusing on classic rock artists, their list encompasses all genres

It makes you wonder what this list is based on. It doesn’t seemed based on the singer’s skill or range of vocals. Is it based on relevancy? Bribes given to the list makers? And maybe the snubs are about more than just an authentic grading system. Pat Benatar kept getting snubbed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for years. It was rumored she ticked off the powers-that-be and was omitted for that reason. Maybe that’s part of what’s in play here.

In any case, a list that sandwiches Bob Dylan between Prince and Freddie Mercury, isn’t celebrating vocal range. In Rolling Stone Magazine‘s defense, they didn’t say they were. They specifically said their list was celebrating something very different: the “deep, empathetic bond between artist and listener” (Rolling Stone Magazine).

And when it comes to vocal quality of some people on this specific list, Rolling Stone Magazine wasn’t focused on that either. They were more interested in the people that have “je ne sais quoi”. The “it factor” in their voice. That explains the likes of Dylan, Ozzy Osbourne and Stevie Nicks. Great singers? No. Great artists? Hell, yes.

Rolling Stone‘s list is a far cry from the “100 Greatest Singers Of All Time” list they did in 2008. That one had a vocal grading system with input from panel experts. This newest list focuses instead on “originality, influence, the depth of an artist’s catalog, and the breadth of their musical legacy” (Rolling Stone Magazine). Okay, we can see where they’re going with this then.

Since we like all things classic, we’re focusing on the list of classic rock artists that landed higher than one of our favorites, Steve Perry, who came in at #82. Wendy Rush

  • #80 - Chris Cornell

    Rolling Stone called him the “Seattle Sound in one singular voice.”

  • #78 - Janis Joplin

    Rolling Stone attributes her position to the fact that she made legend status in her short five years in the limelight.

  • #77 - Bruce Springsteen

    Rolling Stone says his gift is his dynamics, and we couldn’t agree more. Plus he’s got decent dance moves! 🙂

  • #71 - Roy Orbison

    Elvis Presley had so much respect for this man that he wouldn’t cover any of his songs.

  • #70 - Ronnie Spector

    Rolling Stone said Spector’s Be My Baby had “the most yearning vocal in all of rock”.

  • #63 - Robert Plant

    Plant could nail screeching vocals and serene ballads alike. Being the lead singer of one of the best bands of all time isn’t bad either.

  • #57 - Brian Wilson

    Hard to isolate his vocals on some of the Beach Boys songs, but this one really highlights Brian’s voice.

  • #55- Tina Turner

    All hail the Queen of Rock and Roll.

  • #52 - Mick Jagger

    Rolling Stone said of Jagger’s voice: “His guttural-growl moments show off his love of the blues, his flights into falsetto reveal his deep bond with R&B and soul, and those deadpan drawls connect him to country and other roots music.”

  • #50 - Joni Mitchell

    Mitchell‘s vocal range and diversity is just ridiculous.

  • #49 - Rod Stewart

    When it comes to music catalog, stage presence and staying power, Rod Stewart on this list is a no-brainer.

  • #47 - Linda Ronstadt

    Even though Rolling Stone dubs her “country rock”, Ronstadt was famous for trying different genres of music.

  • #37 - Van Morrison

    Van Morrison‘s vocal genius doesn’t just include his singing style. His lyrics reach into your soul and hold on.

  • #36 - Kurt Cobain

    When it comes to Cobain‘s voice, Rolling Stone summed it up pretty well, calling it “a sound at war with itself: often harsh to the point of being grotesque but resolutely melodic even at its ugliest.”

  • #34 - Thom Yorke

    You might only know him as the lead singer from Radiohead, but this guy on his own has a haunting voice.

  • #32 - David Bowie

    His falsetto vocals and unique thespian-esque performances made this guy legendary and a shoo-in for the list.

  • #26 - Paul McCartney

    Paul McCartney has shown that he can stand the test of time, the test of songwriting, and the test of being both a solo artist and part of the greatest band in history.

  • #17 - Elvis Presley

    He’s called the King of Rock and Roll, but Elvis actually spanned across many genres with his music, including gospel, R&B and country.

  • #16 - Prince

    Prince‘s success as an artist is in no part due to his personal connection to his music. He was famous for kicking engineers out of the studio when he was laying vocal tracks.

  • #15 - Bob Dylan

    What Bob Dylan lacks in vocal skill, he makes up for in songwriting ability and uniqueness.

  • #14 - Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury will undoubtedly land on any list of best singers anywhere. Not only because of his four-octave vocal range, but also for his stage prowess. He’s both a good singer and a good performer.

  • #12 - John Lennon

    John Lennon sang in a way that really conveyed his emotion. One of the many reasons he’s on this list.

  • #11 - Little Richard

    Rolling Stone calls him “patron saint of every singer who’s ever pushed their voice to the limit, and right past it, in the name of sending the listener into a frenzy.”