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Billy Idol On The Mainstream Career He Almost Had

Billy Idol was given a Hollywood Walk Of Fame star this year. But in another life, it might have been a very different kind of award instead. Billy Idol is one of the most iconic 80's rockers of all time. And if he hadn't gone down the path of music stardom, he may have ventured into a very different kind of career. The Cradle of Love singer recently released his documentary film of the concert he did at Hoover Dam. Called Billy Idol: State Line, the film gives a history of the building of the dam. As well as a glimpse into why it's so special in American History. And Idol made it even more special with his concert. Since it was the first one ever done at the legendary landmark. You can see in the trailer that the stage is set up so you can see the dam behind Idol as he performed. It was most definitely a treat for the very small crowd that attended. Which was mostly made up of non-locals. Probably because we can see the dam at any time. And can catch Idol at the Cosmopolitan for much less than what those tickets were. And while Billy Idol did make history with this show, it wasn't his only reason for doing it. The rocker told Next Avenue that it was also to raise awareness for water conservation. Idol is a grandfather of four now. And admitted to worrying a lot more about the state of the planet, considering he's leaving it to those kiddos. So Billy Idol is using his Hoover Dam concert to teach people things. Being a teacher might be in his blood. Teaching people about water conservation. And about the history of Hoover Dam. And that's the career that Idol said he might have done if he weren't a musician. He loves history. And would have loved being a history teacher in another life ( He certainly has the passion to be a great teacher. And considering what the man looks like, he wouldn't have had a problem keeping the students' attention either. Though, truth be told, I wouldn't have heard a darn thing he said in class. I would have been too busy writing Mrs. Wendy Idol on my notebook. -Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ

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