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When the announcement came out about the Big Game being in Las Vegas in 2024, a lot of people thought the same thing. But now let’s talk about it, will you be renting out your house for SB24 when it come to Las Vegas?

The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know how many of you are actually thinking about doing it? And if you are, how much are you thinking of charging? Now M&C did check down in Arizona to see how much people were renting out their homes for. A beautiful home in Glendale, Arizona with a view of a local lake, built in pool and much more was going for about $1500.00 on VRBO. Checking in on a Thursday and out on Monday running you about $7000.00.

Now as Carla Rea mentioned, Glendale in NOT Las Vegas, but it is close to where the stadium is down the street. So what would you consider charging for your home when the Big Game comes to Las Vegas? Of course, we always would like to think that we can make gobs of money during times like these, but is it realistic.

Think about it for a second, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay. On the other hand, Glendale, Arizona is NOT Las Vegas, so for a four day stay, could you actually get more than $1500.00 a night for a nice place here?

After checking, for the dates February 8th-12th, you can end up paying anywhere from $700.00 a night up to $1500.00 near the strip. Keep in mind those prices could eventually go up a lot after this year’s game.

So would you consider renting out your house? With new ordinances in place, it might not be as easy as it used be.


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