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They never look like they do on TV. But if you ran into them this morning, how would you rate our local news anchors in Las Vegas? The idea of running into a TV personality when they don’t look camera ready was a point of discussion this morning.

Well, The Mike & Carla Morning Show started talking about running into local news anchors outside the television station after reading a story about a woman who made her husband take her home to change after grocery shopping. The twis of this story well, she needed to change because she was in her “Walmart-shopping” clothes rather than her “target-ready” clothes. So, imagine how a personality feels when they get spotted out of “uniform.” We all know they get makeup done, dress nice, and play their part. But when out shopping or grabbing some fast food, it’s a little different. However, in Las Vegas, our news anchors are pretty up there.

Making the list, Channel 3’s Kim and Dana Wagner who always look good on TV and even when they are out and about. Dana’s hair is always perfect, dressed well and Kim is always looking good no matter what. Not too mention, they’re both a lot of fun!

Former news anchor Dave Courvoisier got a couple of votes for being “adorable” when spotted out and about. Paula Francis, former long time news anchor at Channel 8, also got some props. She also got spotted trapped in a revolving door on the strip! LOL, who has that NOT happened to…she’s also a sweetheart of a person!

Jim Snyder got some mentions, as he targets a new record in the Las Vegas media…not one most boast about, but we’re just kidding here of course! M&C did mention that living here in Las Vegas, we do have a great bunch of news anchors. Both trusted on TV and when you run into them on the streets.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the segment below. Guys, would you take your wife home so she could change in between stores? It’s a simple “yes” or “no”. And what anchors, past and present have you run into? Feel free to let us know…and enjoy!

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