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So your kid is getting bullied at school, as a parent, is it okay to tell he or she that they can fight back…or at least defend themselves? That’s what came up this morning on The Mike & Carla Morning Show this morning and the phone lines blew up!

Taken from the M&C Mailbag, it was another “group therapy” session on The M&C Morning Show trying to help some advice for parents of a kid getting bullied at school. Mom and Dad wondering if they should tell the kid it’s okay to fight back especially if someone if picking on them. They say they don’t advocate violence and it really never solves anything, but the school hasn’t stepped in and talking to the parents hasn’t helped.

Now you should know that the kid has a year of karate lessons under his belt and is quite capable of taking care of himself, but would that be fair? According to some of the parents that called in, sometime you just have to do what you have to do. Although many of the callers said to go through legal channels first before throwing down…but if that doesn’t work, then all bets are off.

In one instance, a mom did say that her autistic child was being bullied until one day he finally had had it and punched the kid right in the nose…put the bully on his butt! As it turns out, the kid never got picked on again and the two eventually became good friends!

We also had some calls about what happen to them in school with surprising results…it made for good conversation, some great advice, and even some humorous moments on The M&C Morning Show! Listen to the segment yourself and think of what you would tell these parents in a situation like this….and enjoy!

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