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It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while, you just have to stick an orange traffic cone on your head! Especially if you’re a little kid…just one of the stories this morning on The Mike & Carla Morning Show in their “The Other News”!

We know that some kids can do pretty silly things from sticking things up their nose to what they eat…but how hard do you have to shove an orange traffic cone on your head to actually get it stuck? A ten year kid in Malaysia thought it would be cool until he noticed he couldn’t just pull it off by himself!

After teachers at the school tried for over thirty minutes to get the cone off the kid, they figured it was time to call in the experts! They called in the local fire department to help out and lend a hand.   It took 20 minutes for the crew to get the cone off the kid’s head! Now it’s no sticking your tongue on a light pole as in “Christmas Story”, but this has to be near the top!

Can’t even imagine the embarrassment…just don’t know who was more embarrassed, the kid or his parents? Yep, that’s our kid…we’re having him tested! Hey, we’ve all done some pretty stupid stuff as kids, but sitting in the classroom with a huge orange traffic cone on your head is something I don’t think too many of us can claim.

Luckily, the fire department did the job, got the kid free from the traffic cone, and life will go on for this ten year old…except for the little bit of ribbing he’ll have to survive for a few months! This and other weird, wild, wacky stories this morning in M&C’s “Other News”…enjoy!

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