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young woman not willing to drink a glass of smelly milk or disgusting white beverage

According to a food expert, here are some foods that are still safe to eat a week or more after their “best by” date:  Milk, eggs, pasta, cheese, bagged salad, and most canned foods.  Also, dry ingredients like flour, sugar, and salt last a long time. The Mike & Carla Morning Show thought it would pass along the information as a public service, especially as it heats up outside!

54% of Americans say they’re driving less right now thanks to sky-high gas prices.  And over 80% think the national average will hit SIX BUCKS this summer.  It’s currently right around $5 a gallon. M&C also talked about “self-esteem” and how it must skyrocket as we age . . . or we just lose touch with reality.  Because this seems higher than you’d expect.

A dating app for seniors called OurTime polled a bunch of people 50 and up, and asked how old they were when they felt the SEXIEST. Find out the answer and more in this edition of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know!”