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When Huey Lewis had to cancel his tour last year, everyone thought he was done. The Heart of Rock and Roll singer was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in 2018. Lewis said he knew something was wrong when he couldn’t find his pitch while singing. Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder that has no cure, and doctor’s just told Lewis to have a healthy diet and a positive attitude. Symptoms of the disease include vertigo, ringing in the ear and hearing loss. Lewis says sometimes it sounds like he’s standing next to a jet engine. After the diagnosis, Lewis was afraid he would never sing again.

But, good news, Lewis is back. He teamed up with original News members Bill Gibson, Sean Hopper and Johnny Colla and just dropped a new single. It’s described as “bluesy pop”, and is the first of a collection of new songs in an upcoming album. Lewis warned his fans not to expect a full-fledged comeback, but he’s happy to be back in the studio.

The song has the signature keys and sax you’d expect in a News song, and Lewis sounds just as good as he always has. But whether or not he’ll take the new album to the stage, remains to be seen…or rather, heard. Get the details.